Why Faction Pets are not Kingdom Pets as well?

While faction troops belong both to faction and to kingdom, pets do not. Why is that? It would be more convenient if faction pets belong to respective kingdoms.

I ask because today I powered Khetar up to level 14, but then it says in requirements for level 15: “collect 2 Khetar pets”, and when we’ll get another pet in Khetar, is not known (yes, I checked spoilers). And I have Rattlebone, which powers Fang Moor troops that belong - ta-dam! - to Khetar.


I was about to ask this question myself. Not only do faction troops count for their associated kingdoms, but weapons do as well. So it just stands to reason that pets should also count the same, especially being the pets are the hardest of the three to obtain. It would be nice to know if this is an intended effect, or a bug.

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Eventually each kingdom will get 3 pets, and faction pets counting breaks their kingdom leveling plans.

Or it could be a bug.

This is only an assumption (of mine as well), as there are actually no weapons assigned to the factions - those we got from faction events are strictly listed as the base kingdoms. i.e. Guardian Crown is a “Whitehelm” weapon but not a “Hall of Guardians” weapon.

In the next 5 years? Hmm…

Kingdom level 20 requires 3 pets I believe

Power level 19 requires 3 pets. From here: ANNOUNCE: Kingdom Power Checklist

And another bottleneck coming up tomorrow because faction pet doesn’t count


I love my little Eye Pod, she’s my favorite pet! Add her please, I’ve been working on Plaguelord all morning!

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