Mythic Plans after every Kingdom has its (first) Myth?

Did the devs already reveal or mentioned that?

I would like underworld Myths, so every Kingdom will get a second Myth and they maybe ease to collect the 500 faction renown points…

“Faction mythics” has been my guess since we learned about factions. But I don’t know how devs are going to drive gem purchases unless overworld keys can be used to pull the troops. So my complete and utter guess is that faction troops will be available for keys during their exclusive week, but only from shards thereafter.

Time will tell!

I’m still in the camp that doesn’t think it’ll be faction mythics. They’ll just be a 2nd Mythic in a Kingdom.


Karakoth will get a 2nd Mythic so my guess is that all kingdoms will get another Mythic… which s strange as the current Mythics should be the stronger being in each kingdom…

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20 star kingdom requires 3 pets, but still only one mythic it appears.

I also fear that - but to get the renown points in the factions with only faction units i hope they will (also) belong to the underworld. That would be a bonus motivation to get them, because - as @UKresistance already wrote above - i dont even need them for my kingdoms otherwise.

If they do so, i hope they will also be available with keys otherwise they will be useless for High-Level-Players with all “Overworld” Units in their deck…

It’s technically not getting a second one, though. It’s just it’s first “normal” Mythic (ie, a Mythic that can be crafted with Diamonds, obtained from chests, etc).

Basically, Karakoth just might be an “exception” to the “rule” of one Mythic per Kingdom, not the “trend setter” of having more than one per Kingdom.

I hope that made sense.

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For sure, Karakoth will get a 2nd Mythic (once Sirrian said it during a QA). Zuul should have been from the Apocalypse kingdom, I will never understand why devs put it in a power-leveleable kingdom.

I still don’t believe in the Faction Mythic:

  • Karakoth faction will also get its Mythic so we will still have a kingdom with one more Mythic than others,
  • no clue that we will ever get a 5th troop for any factions. It seems to me that devs want to give us a team of 4 troops and that’s all. Still they are quite silent about that. High chance that they didn’t choose yet.
  • let’s imagine that the Mythic is more powerful than the other faction troops. Then you will need to get this troop to do the delve with the faction troops. Riot about how it’s impossible to get the Mythic to be able to finish the delve, that’s a conspiracy, lots of hate for nothing.
  • riot from all players that already maxed their troops and will have to use chaos shards only to get the Mythic.

How about two ways to get the faction mythic: chaos shards or 2500 faction renown?

So you can get a mythic with luck, grinding faction events, and buying faction & doom tiers (shards). Or with gold, luck, and skill (renown).

Of course those who already have 2500 would get each new mythic automatically.

If star requirements don’t change and you’re not a completionist, then you could skip some faction mythics. Especially if the overworld mythic is good and the underworld one is bad. Vice versa for overworld mythics you don’t have yet.