ANNOUNCE: Kingdom Power Checklist

Thanks for all the likes. I really appreciate it.

Just to bump this thread slightly, the max star ratings are obviously out of date – and will progressively continue to be so. I’m open to ideas for how to handle this. Personally, I pencil in corrections over the top of my own print-out, just as I do when I update other stats.

I don’t believe any of the automatic websites are currently tracking max stars, and I think the semi-automatic sites are struggling to stay current just as I am. In any case, here’s what I currently know of updated max power stars:

Bright Forest can now reach 8
Drifting Sands can now reach 9
Ghulvania can now reach 11
Sin of Maraj can now reach 7
Sword’s Edge can now reach 15
Urskaya can now reach 9

As for the other prtinable resource on that page (the Reference Sheet), Sunken Fleet banner needs to be added to Banners (BRg) and Factions, and Tidecaller is due on 7th June (2 tables to be updated). I’ll try to issue a June version when Tidecaller comes out, including the next Faction details.

Actually, there’s a question: do you think it’s better for me to upload a new printable Reference Sheet when a new Faction goes live or when a new Class goes live? I can’t do both.

Happy matching, everyone!