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Video: Top 10 Weapons

Hello everyone! Today I go over the top 10 weapons in Gems of War. I deliberately kept out all weapons that are only available through old events or a combination of old events + money. Every single weapon shown can be obtained by any player 100% F2P.



Nie video @tacet.

What are the best old glory pack - excluding pay to own - weapons (in case they come back around eventually)?

  1. Crescendo
  2. Any old weapon that does full AoE damage to enemy team
  3. Order and Chaos
  4. Any old weapon that does full AoE buff to the team
  5. Prey Seeker

I would add Eternal Flame to the list, as it provides semi-random unique board control for cheap. It’s certainly not a must-have, though.


They raised the cost of it from 6 to 8. It is unique, but power wise it is relatively weak since it has nothing that scales off magic. Only use it really has is still to be used with Jarl.

It does still work with Jarl (and presumably Courage, since it burns and creates Red), but yeah, it’s a shadow of its former self. I mention it because it’s at least viable, unlike 95% of the weapons in the game. It’s kind of a shame that there’s so few decent weapons…

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