History Lessons - Event history charted on the wiki

I have just completed a table of all the events since the beginning of Gems of War including when each new troop/weapon was introduced: Events | Gems of War Wikia | Fandom

Please take a look and let me know if there are any errors.

I could use some help from the more veteran players (or devs if they’re reading this). There are two blanks near the top of the table where I couldn’t source which weapons were in the glory shop for the first two events. I’m also not sure if there was something in the glory shop prior to the first event I could find (Mechanical Mayhem).

Please feel free to post the answers here or add the information to the wiki yourself.


I legitimately don’t remember weapons on those two events.

Got it. The weapons weren’t event-only. I remember Dagger of the Void for some reason, don’t know what else.

Apologies - I should have added that I’d worked out that the weapons probably weren’t event only. One might have been Javelin of War, or Mace of Malice, but I can’t confirm which weeks each were (if any).

My memory might be fuzzy, but I don’t remember weapons were necessarily offered too. I started on the Spider Queen event, and unless I’m mistaken, there were no weapon to buy that week. I might be just remembering it wrong though.

I suspect it wasn’t a memorable weapon that week, given the event page says

[quote=Event: Tangled Web]1. There are new Glory Rewards in the shop
Check them out. A new weapon, and a Spider Queen!"[/quote]

Well that explains it then. The Spider Queen stuck with me though. ^^
Maybe PM the devs for that info?

I started on the Spider Queen event too. I thought there wasn’t a weapon available, but I could very well be wrong, my memory isn’t always the greatest… Pretty sure that at the least, Sylvasi’s Blades was the first event-exclusive weapon.

I definitely remember Javelin of War as well as Dagger… should get a dev for this though.

Useful event chart!

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I am not sure why, but i want to say the celestial staff was originally released with spider queen. Then, re-offered with celestasia.

Celestial Staff first appeared with Celestasia.

Sylvasi and Sylvasi’s Blades were the first new troop and weapon to the game. In the first couple of events we offered existed weapons along with the troop, I just don’t have record on me of which items we offered.

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