GoW Database: Timeline page added

Hello everyone,

I’ve added a small feature to the GoW Database today, a timeline view that displays the history of Gems of War in chronological order, with troop releases, kingdom releases, and patches currently highlighted. It can be found at http://ashtender.com/gems/extras/timeline, or via the nav bar at the top of the page.

A big thank-you to @KAYA43V3R for the source material for a large amount of data I had to backfill. The timeline should update automatically going forward whenever I update my site.

Feedback is appreciated, as always. If you have ideas for things that should be on here but are not (classes and weapons are currently absent, for instance), please let me know.


@Lyya: Very nice addition!

2 small things:

  • March 9th, 2016: You’re listing only Blighted Lands as a released kingdom, but Drifting Sands was released at the same time. The troops for both kingdoms are listed, but not the name of the second kingdom.

  • September 12th, 2016: You’re listing Apothecary and Lord Ironbeard among the Guardians. They were released on the same day as the Guardians, but both are from Khaziel, and not Guild Guardians.


Good catches. Thanks; I’ll address.

Should be fixed.

Added brief descriptions of the various patch notes. Thanks again @KAYA43V3R for the legwork on this.

Huge props to both of you @KAYA43V3R and @Lyya
I found the very first Weekly Event a while back, I don’t think it got added prior to the import. My date might be off by 2 days in the conversation below.

Yes, that would put the start date of the event at launch. Thanks for the info!

I’m not sure I want to add event names to the timeline, but I can if y’all think it’d be valuable. I suspect they’d mostly just get in the way.

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Added notes for the kingdoms per week that gained troops, as well as the new power level for that kingdom if the new troop(s) raised the max power level.

Oh I was referring to Stone Giant itself for your list, It wasn’t really a really ‘launch troop’ but the very first Event troop so sort of a special case (and historic). I didn’t mean for you to include Hero Weapons or event names, as I agree with you that they probably would cause clutter.

Amazing work as always.

Thanks for the feature.

I came up with another one I think would be easy to implement and useful.

When you are looking at your collection of traitstones, it will say something like 501/1000. It would be great if a tooltip appeared while hovering your mouse over the traitstone to say “50.01% finished” or something like that. This would be a useful feature to make it quick to determine what your most needed stones are for where you should be exploring. If you don’t need anymore it would either say 100% or even 110% or whatever.

I would also love it if the traitstones displayed in the “traitstones” column in the troop list would be clickable and lead to a list of other troops that need that traitstone.

My timeline collapses everything on launch day, so to work around it, I artificially placed the release date for Stone Giant at 2014-10-30. Close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades.

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I am already using tooltips there for traitstone names. Are you asking for a % to be added to that tooltip?

As in, you want to be able to click a traitstone from the Traitstones column in the My Collection troop list and have it function like clicking one from the Checklist?

I’ll give you a small suggestion: don’t worry about % completed.

  1. Generally ignore/skip Stones that are in the un-official spoiler thread.
  2. Also try and focus on exploring were you are missing the most stones (biggest raw red number not %). Even if you need 54 Mountains and a Mountains Event troops comes up next week you can keep a bit of your glory that way and not need to overbuy troops.

Yes, sometimes eyeballing it alone isn’t straightforward enough to determine what you need most. I’ve been tempted to open up the computer calculator and figure out what percentage of the way there I am for various minor stones, etc. just to determine the most efficient place for me to explore. I wouldn’t need to if the percentages were in the tooltip.

Also yes.

Just pushed this one. Let me know if it works for you.

Not sold on the “%” in the tooltip yet, though.

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Thanks, that’s a nice improvement IMO.

As for the other feature I’d rather relay a request that you decide you don’t want to do than not relay one at all. Maybe others would find it useful as well, maybe not. Another way of doing it instead of a percentage would be something like “Need 122 more” on the tooltip which is actually more useful than a percentage as @Strat pointed out. Sometimes it’s not easy to eyeball it.