Eternal Flame - actually kinda good?

Is it just me, or does the weapon on sale this week actually seem… kinda good?

  • There aren’t too many troops/spells that let you convert a specific gem to a certain colour - Aziris is the only one that comes immediately to mind. This lets you guarantee a 4-match/extra turn.

  • The low Mana cost means that with a 50% start, any +1 :gem_yellow: banner, Air Link trait or Yellow 4-match will fill the weapon.

  • The extra 7 :gem_red: (8 total) means a reasonable chance for a bit of Mana - potentially enough to fill Yao or similar with the right banner.

From what I can see, it seems like a valid alternative to Flammifer in a Yao Guai-based team, or even a substitute, depending on your play style and whether or not you mind losing the damage.

Hard to know without trying it out, though.

Just checked the upgrades on Taransworld (not a spoiler):

+2 Life, +4 Armor, +1 Magic, +4 Life, +1 Magic, Curing (Cleanse myself), Astral (Create a Yellow Gem… :-1:), Flaming (Burn the first enemy)

Nothing to write home about, but I guess the Cleanse is nice, particularly since it doesn’t use Red Mana, so you can Cleanse yourself without losing the turn.

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This was a very good weapon and got nerfed some time after release, due to Skill points boomed.
So yeah, this weapon is okay.

Its a great weapon that doesn’t fit most teams nowadays.

It works great with the ultimate “extra turn” team. :slight_smile:

Hero with Eternal Flame

Matches are long but once your extra turns start the AI won’t get a turn again. (and it’s got Valkyrie, so you get extra souls). Which is great for newer players, especially since all troops are rare troops so quite easy to obtain.