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Video: Shifting the Scales Event

Hello everyone! This week’s event adds not 1, but 2 troop! This moves the Mist of Scales kingdom to a total of 10 troops making it the first kingdom ever to have a double digit troop total. Mist Stalker, Scale Guard, and Poison Master were all buffed this week.

I am still trying to get my commentary to a adequate consistency. I tend to have trouble pronouncing words, thinking of things to say, and forgetting things that I want to say. Hopefully I will get better at that as these persist. I talk more in each of my videos than I do total in a week, sometimes even a month, so talking clearly is still an issue.

While I kind of stumbled on it on the video, I would just like to thank the entire Gems of War community for all of the support. I posting on my YouTube channel regularly a couple weeks ago and it has had a much higher appeal than I initially intended. Back when I posted on the forums that I was going to start my channel back up, I was surprised by the amount of positive feedback that it had gotten. I am continuously surprised week by the amount of support I have from the community. I am sincerely grateful for to all of you who have been watching, giving advice, and assisting me with my efforts.





You should have your own section of post for video too, like the series got. It took me 2 hours to notice this :S


Yeah. With all the activity occuring as of recently, it would be nice to have a joint Video/Stream thread for people to post as a category. @Sirrian @Nimhain


Wow - just 7hrs passed and the Redeem Code no longer works…

Again - nice video. Good work.


Yeah was just checking that myself. Looks like its 7 hours though rather than 4. Maybe @tacet last edited his post 4 hours ago?

Looking forward to watching this in more detail after work! Was only able to just skim through it for now. Still trying to get my head around the Mist of Scale kingdom.

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you’re right…saw that, and edited my original.


I don’t expect most codes to last long even if they had something like 500 redeems. The main problem is that many people who find a code will share it with their entire guild. That turns one claim into 30 possible claims. I suspect 5 hours to be the maximum lifetime for any code I do. xD

The reason the devs don’t do timed codes has to do with some kind of server issue with it. A similar reason was given for why 150 is around the max amount of claims a single code can be. It could also cause an economical issue if 1,000s of players can claim a timed code in 24 hours.

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Jk I think it’s great that they give keys at all


I am doing 2 codes of 150 every week for now on, so that should help with the people that miss the Wednesday one. The event video on Wednesday will always have a code. The other code will be in a random video from the others that I do each week.

If possible, could you consider publishing the two videos at different times of day…the time this video was published pretty much excludes anyone (but night owls) in the Australia/Asia time zones.

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I’ll try doing different time zones. I’ll be heading back to college soon for 5 weeks to get the last credit that I need. This will put most of my videos for the following 5 weeks around 3pm - 7 pm EST on Monday to Thursday, but around 9 am to 3 pm EST on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.


Thanks for being mindful. I know it’s completely voluntary of you to do it (& something you’re passionate about & enjoying) - so be right of you to go and tell me to do it myself…but again, thanks for not doing that. Appreciate anything that you can do, without being a hassle for you.

I hope that all the work your doing with all the videos/forums helps in some way with getting your last credit…good luck.

You should think about advertising it in Global Chat. I feel sort of bad that all the noobs that don’t ever come to the forums miss out while high level players get free stuff.

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Yeah, I actually never thought about doing that. I don’t want to spam channel 001, but they are the people that need the videos most.

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A totally implausible idea would be to work some tie in with the devs for the announcement in global chat of videos or streams starting. I’m sure it would probably be more work than it’s worth on their end, but would be a cool community tie in.

But yeah, you could do a single post in Global Chat when you post the video and see how much that increases views, then possibly consider a 6h later post or something.

I don’t think mentioning it when you post a video is spam, especially if it’s good info and free codes. Definitely trying to get it in the hands of the needy would be ideal. I wonder if the devs would promote your channel via one of the News items one time? Eh, @Sirrian? Could be timed with the release of the video and have more redemptions so folks have a shot at getting them?

The biggest thing that I have found to boost viewership is the most obvious one - when the devs share it on their 5,000+ social media following. They haven’t done that for about 2 weeks now. Surprisingly, my most viewed video since I started back up recently was never showed on their social media. It is the best teams in 1.0.9 video. It is also 2nd in the YouTube search if you type in “Gems of War”.

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I posted your video link in global chat 001 today while I was watching it, no one complained. So, I wouldn’t worry about posting it. It isn’t as if you’d be spamming it.