Video: Full Board Destruction

Hello everyone! Today I show an interesting build that the new Marilith troop can be used in.

I tested out trying to do some editing on this video. The editing itself was relatively easy, but the amount of render time it takes to do this at 1080p seems unrealistic to do on a regular basis for uploads.

Also, I did my first giveaway in this video. Post your invite code, level, platform, and the arcane traitstone that you want in the YouTube comment section below for a chance to get 1 free arcane traitstone. It has to be on the YouTube comment section to be fair for those that do.

I actually manged to get a red/purple arcane traitstone while going through the failed trials of making this video. :smiley:


Sounded like you were having fun anyway. Every video you sound more and more relaxed.


Well, if anything it was a funny video. Let’s see who will be the lucky one to get the traitstone. :four_leaf_clover:

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I was going to enter in the drawing but then I saw it’s all people around level 100 and decided I’d feel bad if I took it from one of them.


Yeah. I have been on this forum so much I almost forgot that people under level 100 exist. I laughed when Sirrian said there is a level requirement of 25 for the new kingdom. It feels like years (because it has been years) since certain kingdoms were level locked.


very admirable trait :slight_smile:


One of the many reasons I’m anticipating your start a new account series is watching you re-remember the limits of the early game: no kingdoms, no banners, no tributes… :smiley:


Yeah, it will be fun. I will be semi-cheating on it by always be able to claim every redeem code on it though. :wink: I’ll also be joining the guild that has 2 other GoW streamers in it, so they will have codes on occasion too. It will cut down on the early game F2P grind some.

Likewise! For a number of months now I’ve felt like the lone voice for the non-end-gamers. It really skews your perspective on things!


…no guild, no Valkyrie, low gold earn, maps actually being useful, etc.

Recommendations for @Tacet for kingdom order. (After Broken Spire, obviously)
1st Goal - Zhul’Kari (for Tyri)
2nd Goal (Option 1) - Khaziel (for Emperina and War & Peace)
2nd Goal (Option B) - Wild Plains (for Sunweaver)
3rd Goal - Forest of Thorns (for Rowanne)


I likely won’t rush War and Peace nor Sunweaver nor Rowanne. I’m planning my starter build to be:

Crude Clud (Warlord, +4 Attack)
Dust Devil
Red/blue banner until I have Wight’s mana bonus, then red/purple.

Starting defend team will likely be:
Knight Coronet
Griffon Knight
Dark Master
Red/Green banner

you need adana done as well for war & peace.

Not done, just the first mission completed.

@Tacet, I’d still strongly recommend aiming for Emperina even if you don’t snatch up the weapon. You can’t guarantee what troops you’ll get and when (Specially Ultra’s), but Emperina easily makes every campaign-based quest a cake walk, so earning more quest-Epic Troops becomes no issue.

I’s level 4210 don’t think I’ve ever used her…

I may try:

Crude Club (Warlord, +4 attack)

Make a super hero. :slight_smile:

I also have a feeling I will just end up cheesing it and go:

Maps will outweigh the need for Valkyrie at first since Valkyrie is only good with the 500 gem armor.

Don’t forget the Goblin option!

I think the first issue you’ll run into is getting the troop variety. Next will be leveling them up. Next will be that you don’t have enough to build up more than one team.

You should also try to join a random guild (not use the forums) to better simulate the average player’s experience.

I ran into Maralith on Warlord IV the other day. Full lvl20 Mythic and so on. Destroy 43 gems… lol.

@Tacet use Nvidia ShadowPlay for capture, it allows you to retrospectively capture up to the last 20 minutes of what you were doing :stuck_out_tongue:

So if you play a match and 5 minutes later think “wow, that would have been good to show”, you just press your capture hotkey and the last 20 minutes of sceen play gets dumped to your hard drive :wink:


You say this but you are i believe higher level than me.

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Thanks! I’ll look into it.

No clue when I will do another edited video though. The full process for this video took nearly 4 times longer than a normal video of mine. The editing didn’t take that long, but the whole rendering process seems unnecessary for smaller videos like mine. I’ll definitely have to lower down to 720p if I ever do another edited video.