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Video: Leonis Empire Questline Reading

Hello everyone! Today I complete and read the Leonis Empire questline. Anyone on consoles will be able to experience the kingdom now. Anyone on PC/Mobile can come claim a redeem code. :wink:


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Good vid, you trolled the questline, lol… and I stole your idea. :wink:

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Haha. It works perfectly. :stuck_out_tongue:

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hmm… new arcane trait farm team?

For late game, yes. I don’t think lower levels can 1 shot some legends in explore mode with it though.

I’m lv 350-ish, doing 19 + gems removed, 2:1 boost ratio… all true, I’ll take it.

It’s good we have some speed builds though, once you finally collect all the resources, cards, ascend… because the quest for arcane trait stones is real. I’m still not at your lev with all cities at 5 star, but have 2 of teh magic cities there. Working on the third. The team is working for swamps, it’s not perfect, but I’ve put a crazy amount of time / $ already in game. It’s nice to finally get some teams that can work to trait farm reasonably effectively with explore… Now… as long as they leave it alone, lol.

So this is the second video.




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If @Tacet were a gaming card, he’d be:

Tacet the Terror
"Video Ninja & Mangler of Words"
Paladin / Daemon

LMAO, love the work you put into the game broseph, keep it up!