Video: For Science! Event + Adana Kingdom Showcase

Hello everyone! Today I go over the two new troops of Bombot and Royal Engineer. With the Bombot in particular I show a team I used to easily and quickly push to the top 10 of the PvP leaderboard this week. The devs currently say they do not “currently” plan to “nerf” the Bombot, so it would definitely be a good idea to upgrade it to epic. I also do a brief overview of the entire Adana kingdom troops.


Can confirm that double bomb team is hilarious and effective! Will need a fully traited Mechanist as you mentioned and an Epic Bomb for it to be really nasty. It took me 4200 Glory to get Bombot to Epic. At least I have brown stones to trait Honor now :wink:

If you don’t have Mechanist traited, but you have a honor traited, you could go Deep Borer - Honor - Bombot - Bombot.

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That fully traited Mechanist is awesome though. Limited to Mechs but he’s becoming a new favorite Hero after Archer and Sorcerer.

That last team needs something to kill off the Tankbot, like Sacrifice. I am thinking:

Royal Engineer
Bombot/Empowered buff troop

Terraxis isn’t that tanky for a first slot troop, but is quickly replaced with a Tankbot/Flame Cannon that is tanky.

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