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New Adana Troop

Here is my idea for a new troop:

Name: V3k-tr (pronounced; Vector)
Kingdom: Adana
Rarity: Epic
Type: Mech
role: either support or defender
base skills: 2 attack, 1 magic, 1 life, 3 armor
Mana: yellow/red; cost 12 to cast

Spell: Remove all gems of a chosen color. Give all mech allies X (based on magic) armor boosted my gems removed. Gain 10 armor.
Boost ratio: 2:1

Mech Shield (Allied mechs gain 2 armor)
Song of Stone (Summon a duststorm at the start of battle)
And a new trait; All Allied troops gain 2 mana at the start of battle (Mechanical Mind or Topsy Turvy)

Bronze: +2 armor
Silver: +4 armor
Gold +2 armor, +1 magic

I think this is a pretty well rounded troop that would work well in a few circumstances, please consider it :slight_smile:

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