Final troop for Adana with suggestion


Name: Gatling Gun

Ability: Spray and Pray: Deal 1 damage to [10+Magic] random enemies.

Base for artwork.

Kingdom: Adana

Rarity: ultra-rare

Mana/Colors: Brown/Yellow

Type: Machine/Robot or Human?

I would like to see more abilities focused towards lighting the screen up with attack animations. I’ve always liked damage to all enemies and damage randomly split among enemies. How about instead of randomizing damage, we randomize the amount of times enemies are hit with damage? With the Druid doing damage to random and adjacent enemies, we already know it is possible to hit an enemy twice with an attack.

This troop will do only one damage, but will continue to bombard enemies at random for 10-15 animations. I chose Adana because it matches the artwork and attack styles set by Steam Turret and Flame Cannon. Also, Adana still only has 9/10 kingdom levels. I chose ultra-rare because Adana has two rares and two epics already; plus the more arena troops the merrier. Finally, I chose brown/yellow since Adana already has two red/yellow and two red/brown troops.

Design-a-troop Project Part 1a - Kingdom poll is now closed!

Cool idea. Two questions for the gallery:

  1. Is Gatling trademarked? The gun is named for its inventor, so a different name might be needed.

  2. Does this potentially run afoul of the issue where targets are chosen before damage is dealt? I remember this was the bane of Hobgoblin fans before they changed it, and as I understand it, that issue remains while the target selection was all that changed. In that case, this weapon would often do less damage than it could, and at high magic would function like more of an “N damage to all”.


So I fell down a huge Google rabbit hole about this out of curiosity, and it turns out while yes it is trademarked, it’s not for the weapon. Turns out the modern ‘Gatling Gun’ trademark is for canned goods processing :stuck_out_tongue:

The actual weapon pre-dates the earliest known US trademarks. So anyhow, that’s my curiosity satisfied!

On the troop itself, I’m always a fan of more mechanical stuff rolling out of Adana :slight_smile: