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Video: Effective Bombot Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over a few Bombot teams that are viable for fully utilizing either speed or armor buffing. Bombot has one of the quickest damage potential of any troop in the entire game, but does have the drawback of being destroyed after cast. I spent over 19k glory this week to upgrade it to mythic to show its fullest potential. I would highly advise only upgrading it to epic this week if you want to try Bombot teams, which would cost around 4,200 glory; or the cheaper alternative of ultra rare for only 1,800 glory. The devs said they currently have no plans to nerf Bombot, key word “currently”. xD



Nice video as always! Yeah I’ve been using your Deep Borer/2x Bombot/Black Manacles team this week to great effect. I’ve also been using a Bombot team to do speed runs in normal Explore mode, this is the fastest Explore team I’ve found thus far:

“Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator” :wink:

Dust Devil***
Mechanist*** Imperial Jewel
Deep Borer***

Dwarf Banner (+2 Brown)
Lord of Gears + Mech Captain (total +6 Armor)

Idea is to do one Brown Gem match and that’ll fill up Bombot, then do the Earth Shattering Kaboom! This usually results in a team wipe in normal Explore, if not the Imperial Jewel or Dust Devil does the mopping up. I chose the Imperial Jewel since it catches all colors and you have Air and Water Link to fill it up quick (only 10 mana with Fast). Deep Borer will assist if you have a bad starting board and can’t get a brown match first or second turn. Dust Devil is there since he’s Empowered - Yellow and Brown mana are free to be collected and the ONLY time I use his spell is for a coup de gras after a Bomb goes off.

I have my Bombot ascended to Epic and with all of the Magic, Task and Team bonuses I currently have it blows for 33 AoE.

I tried doing an all Adana Mech team to get the full Armor (+12) bonus - it was fun but it’s actually slower then the above team I posted.

EDIT: I tried Carnex/Bombot/Flame Cannon/Mechanist Imperial Jewel for a bit and it’s really fun too! King of Gears + Mech General gives the max +12 Armor which makes the Bombot explode for 36 dmg with my bonuses. Flame Cannon or Mechanist mop up if need be. This is a bit slower if you don’t have a starting Brown Gem match since there’s no Deep Borer to generate brown.

DOUBLE EDIT: OK I think I perfected this Explore build to have all Mechs with Brown generation in case the starting board is bad.

Deep Borer***
Flame Cannon*
Mechanist*** Imperial Jewel (Black Manacles is fine too)

Use +2 Brown Banner and it has +10 Armor team bonus (Duke of Gears/Mech General). Bomb does 35 AoE and Flame Cannon does 16 AoE. Now I’m done! This oughta be my final Explore team for a long while unless Bombot gets adjusted.

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For Explore farming, I’ve been using:

Mechanist Hero / Anu’s Sceptre
Brown banner

Mechanist makes Bombot Fast, Sooth will often fill them (or a surge will), and then lights out. Anu’s is backup in case the board is being stubborn.

The trouble is troops with Life Drain, which will survive the bombs.