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Invasion (Adana)

Hi everyone, it’s time to share team idea again :slight_smile:

Choice are very limited again, lot of defensive troop in this selection

Im using


What about you?

I use
Mechanist + Mang

Under Urskayan banner.

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My team is Deep Borer, Shocktopus, Steam Turrent and Tankbot 2000.

Golden Cog + 2x bombot + TED

I tried that for a bit this morning and it was overkill for the early battles, but I’m not sure how long the bombots will be effective. Mechanist seems like the obvious choice, but I’m wondering if Orbweaver might be a good idea for the high-level battles when bombots aren’t clearing all the opposition. It’s the only way I can think of to introduce a summoner into the mix.

Im at stage 8 and it work fine, you still can stick with bard class if you prefer, it a bit slower but the hero boosting his att and magic really help, boombot deal 40 dmg and hero or ted finish him

I haven’t lost any fight so far

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I am using

Clockwork sphynx
DB (bard)
abyssal banner
not lost a match so far.

My question is, my guild killed 48 towers so far but rewards says we are 23/25.
normal or a bug? advice would help thanks

For the last stages with four towers i’m using:

Mechanist Hero with Mang.

Deep Borer is a nice helper generating Brown Gems, and don’t forget the tactical maneuver of destroying a column with a skull to remove barrier from the first tower.


I have gone Carnex, Shocktopus, TED-1000, Shocktopus with the Summer Banner since the beginning and have yet to lose a single troop or a raven. I am on Stage 7, 4/5, so we’ll see how long I can keep it going for. It is a fun team to play with, I am highly enjoying it!

Flame Cannon
Deep Borer
Clockwork Sphinx
Started using at stage 6

For the start I’m using

Dawnbringer (Mechanist)

(Kraken Banner for +2brown,+1blue,-1purple, although +2brown will work for other hero weapons as well)

It works without any problem and really fast until around stage 6. It starts getting a little harder then, because if for some reason a troop survives you’re left with a single hero fighting those left troops.

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5-6 stages better way is Golden Cog (Mech) , 2x Bombot, 1x Clockwork Sphinx

Sphinx make easly to charge 1st position and get bombont around 500 armor

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