Team building advice for a lvl 150 (gowdb link inside)

I played this game quite a long time now, but compared to others I am still a fairly low lvl 150.

I 'd appreciate any input on a good team that’s worth leveling up.

Here are my current cards:

When I was first starting out, I tried out a lot of teams from this list:

It is a little dated, but as far as figuring out what you enjoy playing and what works good together, gave me a few things to try.

What became my favorite, and is still my go to, is a Mechanist Bombot team:
Deep Borer
Flame Cannon
Mechanist (War and Peace)
Kraken Banner (+2 Br, +1 Bl, -1 P)

The real power doesn’t really show until you unlock all of the traits, unfortunately. The Mechanist’s 3rd trait has all mechs starting with 50% mana. Helps speed up the team a lot. It takes one Brown match and Bombot is ready to be set off.

The weapon for your Mechanist Hero can be switched if you find something that works better. Some people recommended the Wrenchmaster 5000 or Golden Cog to boost the Bombot’s armor before setting him off and doing more damage. That didn’t work as well for me. Getting the Bombot off on the 2nd or 3rd turn seemed to do better for me. Then I can use Deep Borer to build up the War and Peace to do more damage to all enemies, which Flame Cannon does as well.

I’ve passed level 500 and it is still my main team.


Thans for the input Peelman, will give it a go!