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Video: 4x Peasant

Some people jokingly suggested this video. Joke is on you! :stuck_out_tongue:




4x Fortress gate^^

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4x Finley :wink:

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I guess, this is video for dirty console peasants, please make one for glorious PC gaming master race. :smile_cat:

I’m such a PC gamer I am thinking about using an Android/Apple emulator on PC to do some videos for mobile only games. :stuck_out_tongue: (Mainly Clash Royale)

Sun and moon (sorc, necro, priest)
Giant spider***

You will discover true meaning of PvP because it takes several thousands dollars to max all cards. And stats and level REALLY matter, facing someone 2 levels higher is like gg.

I hate that game but i still play it. Team goblin will win me games or die trying.

I’m impressed. Didn’t even lose a single peasant. Hats off to you.