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Help RECEIVED! [Thread Dead]

SO… I have finished recording my latest Parody and as I began to prepare for my first shot in my video…I realized I cannot accomplish my task!!!

I need a screenshot of a Team titled: Whats da Matter? (It will fit.)
consisting of 4 peasants… but they MUST be in their original WHITE common border! Sadly, mine are mythic… :cry:

If you build the team and search for Peasant then you will have the image I am going for, I will post a pic of what I want in a moment.

The first person who gets me this shot with WHITE, untraited (if possible) Peasants will get a shout out in the Forum thread and my YouTube channel. :wink:



Hi efh313,

it’s easily make a new account you must Play the introduction but i think the peasant you must have really fast there with for 4 times in White :slight_smile:

So if no one have it you can do it for yourself.

I hope i can help you with this.


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Yes, I had thought of that too.
I was just trying to save myself some time… since Im at work…
I can do some video editing, but outright playing a game… might be frowned upon! lol

Is this what you’re looking for? I wasn’t sure what you need so I copied your SS


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That is perfect @maxx!!
Thank you!!

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Glad I could help

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You will get your shout out my friend! Whether you want it or not!


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