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Video: 4x Knight Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over a couple teams that only use knights. I will be doing similar videos to this in the future for other good 4x type teams.



I have 2 knight teams. Love em. Will definitely have to watch this when I get home.

Dear God, this signifies the first stop… On the the path… That ends with… Goblins

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Nice video. I Can’t wait for the double troop types to arrive on console! This will be awesome for Tasks.

I hate to beat a dead horse but at the end of your video when Famine was up you purposely set up skulls for the AI to take. I LOVE that currently on console the AI might take them or might cast an ability, you can’t predict it. MUCH better, but alas the Devs said the are switch the console to the bland robotic PC version :frowning:

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Isn’t Knight the most prevalent Type on PC now?

Yes, pretty much. There are quite a few that are fairly close. If I am not mistaken, knight/human is the most common double type.