Troops w/ single type who need double

Hello everyone! This is a list of all troops I feel need another troop type aside from their base type for better team synergy and thematically work.

Avina: Human Rogue
Blade Dancer: Wildfolk Rogue
Bunni’Nog: Beast Monster
Dryad: Fey Elf (Archer class is Elf bonus w/ 1 elf in entire kingdom)
Dust Devil: Elemental Mystic
Green Seer: Fey Elf (Archer class is Elf bonus w/ 1 elf in entire kingdom)
Mercy: Divine Human
Reaver: Elf Rogue
Skeleton: Undead Knight
Twisted Hero: Undead Knight
Valkyrie: Dinvine Human
Venbarak: Dragon Undead
Wight: Undead Mystic

Feel free to leave more suggestions because I am sure there are more.


@Tacet when do you ever fi d the time to play :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


While he doesn’t really need it I think Gorgotha should have a Dragon secondary because I’ve always felt he both looks and acts like a demon dragon.

Mercy is more like an angel than a Human, otherwise the list gets the TaliaParks Seal of Approval :thumbsup:


It was human at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not how it works :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed, Mercy is not Human in my opinion. You’d have to give “Human” to almost all Undead by that logic. I also think you have to be very careful about over-assignment of Human, or else take away Human Slayer from Goblin.

Some others to consider:
Cockatrice: Monster - Beast
Dark Maiden: Elf - Monster or Elf - Beast


I’d label Dark Maiden as Elf-Monster

Serpent should be a beast dragon
Hydra monster dragon

Just like Rainbow Snake, KappaPride. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Personaly i wish they all had double type that’s will make more combo for team bonus cause now the combo are limited

I don’t know. Now that Dark Maiden heals with her poison claw… wouldn’t that make her more… Elf/Divine?

Yup i see her like elf/devine too

I got one!

Siren: Fey That’s it.

But no, seriously, can someone explain to me the logic behind making Siren Elemental? While Forest of Thorns, on the other hand, doesn’t have a single Elemental troop? Look at the Spring and Autumnal Imps, they look like half the troops from Forest of Thorns!

I’m not upset, just rather confused. :confused:??

Mercy and Valkyrie should probably stick with just being Divine (as mentioned). Yes, Valkyrie too. Former human. Skeleton used to be human, we’re not calling that an Undead Human though.

Skeleton and Wight could also remain just Undead but I see why they’d rate the extra typing.

Venbarak I don’t think is Undead. Corrupted and twisted isn’t the same thing.

Agree with everything else.


Venoxia should be naga.

So, this has been bugging me, but isn’t Avina actually undead? I know she’s human type in game but part of her story is that she was one of the children sacrificed/turned and that’s why she’s so adamant about stopping it from happening to others. =x

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Some strange, in my opinion, thoughts here. Serpent and hydra, dragons??? Venoxia a naga???

Maybe the devs could just add +2 life, +2 armour, +1 attack to all troops when a team contains any combination of four (4) cards. The same outcome is reached…

Just because people like to run certain troops with others doesn’t mean all troops from the kingdom be one type. (In reference to naga). Or others changed to match some team line ups…

Serpent and hydra look like dragon of course

An earthworm looks like a snake, didn’t know taking the compost out could potentially be dangerous…