Secondary Troop Types (For Some Units) / Troop Type Make-Over

Continuing the discussion from Goblageddon (quite scary):

Hi there. I’d like to start a proper thread to discuss this topic, as I feel Troop Types need some improvement, especially for potential bonuses and combos. Some Troop Types just don’t have enough units and too few from the same Kingdom to allow any efficient line-up to use them.

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When this was originally floated as an idea, we had to bring up the part where stacking, for instance, 4x Bone Dragons, would get the 4x bonus on two troop types as well as the kingdom.

Of course, now that they’re for unique troops, that makes this concept that much easier to balance.

Still, I would honestly rather see a smaller selection of troops get this treatment - specifically, the ones where its difficult to draw the line or they simply should have both. By comparison, a load of Human Knights is probably not necessary. Likewise, we shouldn’t just tag every single Wildfolk as a Beast or a Marauder. And the lines between Monsters and either Beasts or Daemons (Monsters being somewhere in the middle) shouldn’t be blurred too much.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the following examples (where applicable pending balance and lore):

  • Alastair - Undead/Knight
  • Behemoth - Monster/Beast
  • Bone Dragon - Dragon/Undead
  • Carnex - Construct/Monster
  • Celestasia - Dragon/Divine
  • Crimson Bat - Monster/Undead
  • Goblin Rocket - Construct/Marauder
  • Golem - Monster/Construct
  • Gorgon - Monster/Beast
  • Orion - Fey/Wildfolk
  • Pegasus - Beast/Divine
  • Sacred Guardian - Divine/Beast
  • Salamander - Elemental/Beast
  • Venoxia - Dragon/Monster

This is largely ignoring troops who should have their types completely changed regardless, which is another topic.

I also tried to ignore ‘mounted units’… i.e. Boar Rider could be a Marauder/Beast and Griffon Knight could be a Knight/Beast - but its really the rider who is the troop, and therefore is not a beast themself.

Yes, there are quite a lot of legendaries on that list. That’s because they’re more distinct and therefore easier to characterize / categorize, and because they could totally use some love right now. Wasn’t deliberate, I just noted down anything that I thought could get this treatment. Bone Dragon is the one that really needs it!

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I’m with Shimrra on this… I think giving every troop two types (a Race and a Job, for example) feels unnecessary and too complex, with too much potential for abusive set-ups (and so hard to balance)… but I agree for a few special cases, having duel type would be good for both fantasy flavour and gameplay…

Happy with Shimrra’s list, except:

  • scratch Goblin Rocket, just to avoid Zaejin 4x bonus getting even easier
  • scratch Pegasus - just a Beast as far as I am concerned
  • scratch Venoxia - Dragon only seems fine
  • add Kerberos - Daemon/Beast - given Scarlett’s plot line is about hunting a beast…
  • add Sunweaver - Undead/Wildfolk


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Gloom Leaf - Fey/Monster?

There was an off the cuff statement in one of the threads that re-balancing the tribute system was done so they can incorporate more cities going forward. With that statement, I think they need a more managed approach to troop types going forward. I hate seeing human knights titled as one or the other breaking up the racial bonuses.

So when they started talking about how they might manage the goblins without nerfs, one method would be allowing so many of the other troops to combine into different bonuses.

The secondary types work. I just figured every card should have a race, a city, and a job.

They have definitely said they want to start releasing new kingdoms more regularly. How they’re going to do so, with the next one being the last unique single/double mana combination, is a mystery to me.

I sort of always assumed ‘Human’ was a last resort, a catch-all for those troops who would otherwise be without a type. Acolyte, Alchemist, Hag - they’re all kind of similar - but then we’ve got Atlanta and Avina and … Peasant. They’ve already got enough types that don’t get enough attention.

If they expand the roster enough, those, a mage/wizard/etc type would work for those first three. And we could stick Lamia and Poison Master in there too, because they’re absolutely not Marauders.

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Yeah I also wondered how new kingdoms will be rolled out once all the banner combinations are taken? Will banners start being reused?
Some unique kingdoms could come into the mix though, perhaps incorporating minor stat increases into a banner like +1 armor or something (kind of like the kingdom banner bonuses pre 1.07).

Primal could be a kingdom to be rolled out in the future. I can envision a banner that changes with each season. Spring can be +1 green/life, Summer is +1 yellow/attack, Autumn is +1 brown/armor, Winter is +1 blue/magic.

We could also have a Primastic kingdom…+3 mana to one color but it randomly changes every battle! Maybe this one would be too powerful though.

I agree that some of the chosen troop types don’t really make sense - especially when you see something like “knights”, which is an occupation and not an actual race. Maybe having a secondary race would indeed be good. To avoid crazy bonuses, it could be good if the game simply said “you can access the 4 Monsters bonus OR the 3 Beasts bonus, please pick one”. I don’t know if that’d work but it might be something to think about.

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This sounds like Magic: The Gathering, when they changed the Creature type to be a Race-Occupation :slight_smile:

You were right Smith. You’re always right. It was inevitable.

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Come on, the cards have been slowly morphing into mtg cards, more so than ever with the latest patch :wink: