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New Troop Types (Speculation Thread)

So with the near entire banishment of Marauders and Wildfolk, how do you believe the new types will be distributed?

These ones are pretty self explanitory:

Raksha (Feline People), Wargare (Canine People), Centaur (Equine People),
Tauros (Bovine People), Orc (Duh), Goblin (Double Duh!), Naga (Sssnake People)

These are what I’d like to ponder with a bit:

Mechs, Rogue, Mystic, Stryx, Merfolk

Mechs could refer to Tankbot 2000 or Deep Borer.

While Rogue would probably fall upon Raven, as well as possibly Tyri.

Mystic could be Star Gazer’s second type or for Magicians in general, like Tassarion.
Djinn would also be a good choice as a being of magic.

Stryx is probably for an unreleased Avian-Humanoid species, unless it refers to bird troops in general, in which case Cockatrice and Griffon Knight come to mind.

Finally there’s Merfolk, which gives me high hopes for a future water kingdom! (Also Sea Troll?)


Mech could be anything Construct-related, including troops that could otherwise just be Constructs (such as Carnex) - I’m thinking troops like Ghiralee and Sparkgrinder could conceivably be part Mech.

Rogue … yeah. Basically any adventurer - Raven and Tyri, Marid, Atlanta. Also some of the Marauder-types (thinking Gnoll, possibly some of the Goblins i.e. Nobend Bros).

Mystic I think is bridging the gap between Divine and some more mundane types and probably between Fey. So you can’t really say that Ice Witch and Green Seer are Divine but Mystic fits them just fine.

Stryx I think is bird monsters/beasts. One of the upcoming spoilered troops definitely fits, of course.

Merfolk… as above.

Troops currently marked as Mystic: Ettin, Acolyte, Warlock
Troops currently marked as Rogue: None

My guess is that Marid will be a rogue too. Maybe that Fox/Coyote lady in the preview will be a rogue, she has a slim body and seems cunning like a classic D&D character.

What confuses me is that it sounds like both Mechs and Constructs will exist. I hope that means Adana won’t be further compromised, or we’ll see a more significant rework of some of their troops. Adana needs the love!

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Which is why they aren’t. They’re Fey, which fits them just fine. They’re thematically similar to most other Fey. I don’t see why you would add Mystic to them but not to any other Fey - but that would make Fey redundant.

I think the meaning you are trying to apply to Mystic is already conveyed in the word Fey, and there is no need to add (or replace with) Mystic there. Most likely, Mystic should apply to someone [from a race that is not naturally magical] who practice magic or other mystic arts.

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Yeah Fey is already fairly magical innately. I didn’t think hard enough initially. Mystic is more likely a sort of catch-all ‘magical type’ that isn’t bound to divinity or natural forces as Divine and Fey are, respectively.

I am interest in whether this will be its own kingdom. (MTG MERFOLKS FOR THE WIN)

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