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Video: 2nd Mythic! - Famine Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over some team compositions that can be used with the new mythic Famine.

I didn’t mention it in the video, but the arcane traitstone costs are 9 green/brown and 9 brown/yellow for the first trait as well as 12 and 12 of the same arcane traitstones for the last trait. 21 Mountain and Forest traitstones is needed to max trait Famine.

Also, having 2 Apocalypse troops gives +1 attack.


I also have a video of me opening up all of the chests to obtain Famine on my YouTube channel if any of you are interested in watching that.


I don’t have the third trait unlocked yet. Is the 2 point stat loss only for one random stat or is it a 2pt loss for ALL stats of the lead troop? If the former it’s very weak if it’s the latter I can see it being very nasty.

It is only 2 from 1 random stat. It is very weak, even weaker than Moloch’s legendary trait.

Prehaps it should be stealing 2 random stats for each 4-5 matches from the first enemy. Whats your thoughts about it, would it be too strong?

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Steal 2 stats from the lead troop would work, but it would have to be every turn and not on 4x and 5x. Mythics seem to be going on the theme of doing something each turn.

Yeah I wouldnt complain, as long it got a little more worthy. :slight_smile:

Yep at first I thought it was going to be a 2pt loss of all stats on the lead troop. It really should be that way to make it feel like a Mythic trait.

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Ya i thought that was how it was read but now it just feels legendary and not mythic. They buffed war so i hope the buff famine.

Yeah, they probably just started it weak so they can keep buffing it. It is better to buff a troop rather than nerf it.

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Best thing i have ever read.


It’s true. Unfortunately it has the side effect of reducing the hype when a new Mythic arrives :frowning2:

I find it pretty hard to ensure balance when releasing a new troop. I have so many troop/trait ideas, but they’re either complicated or OP/UP.

Boost ratio x2 (or 1.5) and 2 from all of the lead’s stats :slight_smile: or prevent enemy mana surges… or halve masteries every turn ha!

For a mana control mythic troop, halve masteries every turn!!.. honestly its still not overpowered.