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Console: Planning for the Apocalypse

So the Apocalypse Mythic Horsemen are going to be landing soon and they require 21 each of 2 different Arcane Traitstones. I wish I did this earlier, and assuming we are getting Arcane Traitstones with our accelerated incoming Troops, here is a list of upcoming Troops with the Traitstones we will need to Trait the Horsemen;


Blood: 1 Epic, 0 Ultra Rares - Fel’Dras
Lava: 0 Epic, 0 Ultra Rare - NO incoming Troops


Mountain: 0 Epics, 2 Ultra Rares - Anubite Warrior & Satyr Musician
Forest: 0 Epics, 1 Ultra Rare - Setitite Warrior


Swamp: 0 Epics, 2 Ultra Rares - Naga Queen & Apothecary
Venom: 0 Epic, 0 Ultra Rares - NO incoming Troops


Dark: 0 Epics, 0 Ultra Rares - NO incoming Troops
Spirit: 1 Epic, 1 Ultra Rare - Morthani’s Will & Dragonian Rogue

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This is exactly what the horseman were for. They heralded the coming of the next major update.

Thanks for the thread. Got enough arcanes for all 4horsemen, mab and khorvash. Now just need them to drop for me upon release.

Also don’t forget to set aside stones for Mab, who despite the nerfs is still a very useful troop.


Can you, or I, expand the above to include the other important upcoming characters (khorvash, manticore, mab etc)) or any event troops that will allow people to trait the more important existing troops (maw, gorgotha)

I post every upcoming Troop in the week their Traitstone is released. I made this specifically for the Mythical because they require 42 Arcanes each to Trait.

You can go ahead and post whatever you like about the other upcoming Troops if you desire.

@TaliaParks summarized all the upcoming troops very helpfully here: The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread Part 1 (Closed)

He doesn’t break down exactly how many traitstones will be necessary, but it does list the upcoming troops and what colour of traitstones they need. Trying to guess at which ones people are most interested in is probably not worthwhile. Also, who knows how the developers are going to handle the next two months?

Ok, ill make a private list

I think it will be a pretty rare player that is able to put away enough stones for the 4 horsemen. I’ll stockpile what I can, but I think that will be pretty much limited to Arcanes for Mab (which I did last week) and hoping to pile up enough glory to buy stones for Karl Jarlsberg when Red/Blacks come up. So basically, no change to my plan at all. Sigh.

If y’all are only going to be able to focus on one Horseman, I’d definitely go with Famine. In my experience, he’s far and away the best of the four.


That’s a good tip - thanks! I’m not going to have the 10,000 keys/gems on hand to have any hope of pulling those during their release weeks, so if and whenever they happen to pop up for me, I will worry about it then. :sunglasses:

Unfortunately there are no epics due to help trait famine

So IF they release glory packs for 300 with the relevant ultra rares, you’d have to buy 21 of each, for a total of 12,600 glory. I guess I could do that in the next two months if nothing else was released that I wanted in that time (and if I never again accidentally purchase 50 glory chests when bulk opening, which I have done twice in the last week).

I’d couldn’t agree more. Famine is great on both offense and defense.

Wow, that 3rd trait looks horrific. It’s like Moloch on steroids.

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Yeah, Famine is a PITA on defense.

Doesnt seem sensible to miss out on traiting other troops during that period when it is so unlikely to even unlock a Mythic. Thats exactly why I want to plan for the obtainable meta characters

Manticore only needs 3 and it looks like you’d need to farm them as there are no upcoming troops with Arcane Lights. Your only hope for Khorvash is if they do a Yeti event. If you’ve got Mab taken care of, you could do that for 4800 glory if things are released the same way for us as they were on PC/mobile.

Marsh Raptor is upcoming, he comes with Arcane Lights and Yeti is the Event Troop that releases with Glacial Peaks

Stan, are you selling me wolf tickets?!!