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A New Mythic Approaches - Famine

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/a-new-mythic-approaches/
Don’t Starve!

New Mythic Troop: Famine

A second horseman has arrived! Famine is here!

From the mysterious hidden kingdom, Apocalypse, another rider has appeared. Known simply as Famine, the realms of Krystara fear the sound of his hollow hoofbeats, as where he rides, crops wither and locusts swarm.

Famine will be the ONLY Mythic Troop available in chests for the next 7 days, so now is a great chance to make sure he’s on your team (after 7 days, War will be rejoining him in chests). He is available in Glory Chests, Gem Chests (10x Chance), and VIP Chests (100x Chance, for VIP players only).

Please note this Troop is currently only available to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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So much hype! I’ll need to do a video for it right now before everyone wakes up. xD

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Got one. Confirmed in chests.


That’s not fair! I want to confirm it too!
…is what I was planning to say, but then just got one by opening glory keys.

So, yes, confirmed.

Opened 150 vip keys and didn’t get one… Damn you, rng! :sob:

I just got it too. Took 6k glory keys and 100 VIP chests before I found it though. xD

To confirm, the initial suspicion that it would take Forests and Mountains is correct. 21 of each for all three traits.


7000 glory, 300 gems, 150 glory keys . . . . no Famine or Summer Imp.

So sad. :cry:

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So he’s in VIP chest? Is this confirmed?
The graphic in the VIP interface doesnt show Famine in it. Is this only a purely cosmetic issue?

To link-whore, now that it’s official, the card and its stats can be found here:


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It’s definitely in VIP chests.

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I wasted 16000+ glory keys and 5000+ gems to get this new mythic troop…
I felt anger and desperation…

I have been extremely lucky with Mythics, got both in my first 50 gem keys.

But, spent all my keys and still missing Infernal King… my sole missing troop.


Do you also feel hungry, or is that only AFTER you Trait Famine?


I’m hesitant to open a bunch of keys right now as many recent troops aren’t in them yet…

I got one in Gem Chests and one in VIP Chests. Lucked out fast.

Why would you be needing these many recent troops? I’d expect you to have most of these mythic already, by opening event chests…

The only troops I need that are not in chests are Wraith - which will only be in gold chests anyway, and Autumnal Imp - which won’t be there for quite a while.

I hate the fact that sometimes i can’t drop my missing troops no matter what… Won’t waste all my glory chasing it this time.

:loudspeaker: Reporting to you live, it’s the Emergency Feedback Report! :weary::x::fork_knife_plate:

A great hunger has swept over the lands of Krystara. And unlike the time of escalated warfare, there’s an actual physical difference in behavior! It’s believed to be the work of a vile new horseman, Famine!

The embodiment of starvation doesn’t just feed off your fat like some sort of leech, he will also suck away all the foes Mana leaving them bone dry. He then focuses this pyramid of colors into a devastating blow! Hungry for more? This caterer of omen will deliver!

On top of a costly spell, he’ll give the opposing top troop a little taste of suffering every turn, should you have enough of the many traitstones needed to unlock this famished power.

This frightening rider will be trotting solo across chests for the next week, with War stampeding along side him afterwards, so focus your efforts into overcoming this abstinence of food and obtain this apocalyptic glutton soon!

:loudspeaker: Will we be able to survive these devastating warnings? Two down, two to go! :yum::eight_spoked_asterisk::pizza:

#Match you next time!
Patched Feedback Report, coming next week.