Video: Plague Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over the new mythic Plague as well as good teams to use with him.

3 Apocalypse on a team is +3 attack. The arcanes needed to trait Plague are Swamp (green/blue) and venom (green/purple) requiring 9 of each for the first trait and 12 for for the second.

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@Tacet my plague did kill 2 units with its spell taking away their last bit of health.
My bad lol, maybe it was famine s trait at the start of the turn. You know how its delayed sometimes.

That’s an interesting little interaction that happened with the Psion on your Golem. Now I’m wondering how many “on skull damage” traits this actually applies to. I know for a fact at one point my Great Maw as able to use Hunger while entangled and effectively having zero attack, but this was also a few patches ago. I wonder if this has been changed since then or if lowering the attack stat to zero would somehow prevent Hunger from triggering? Also curious if this could possibly counter the Bullseye trait as well. I know that devouring an entangled enemy (or ally) treats it as if had zero attack and won’t raise your attack at all, and that stat stealing things like Sylvasi’s attack steal won’t work on Entangled enemies even if they have attack, so I assumed that entangled zero was functional zero for all cases, but it may not be. I may have to test this out later.

Edit: Sadly, reducing Maw’s attack stat all the way to zero still does nothing the curb its Hunger. I went through the trouble of purposely avoiding skulls and letting Warhounds take several turns so they could fill up and cast, only to devour the first skull hit after reaching zero attack.

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Interesting teams!

I was thinking something like Goblin Shaman / Dryad / Famine / Plague. Dryad/Shaman cover four colors and generate greens to feed Famine/Plague and proc Plague’s 3rd trait. Also thought about the “Dryad / Green Seer / Boar Rider” trio being a great match for Plague so the endless loop takes advantage of his 3rd trait.