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Video: 1,000 Sub Special - Best Valkyrie Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over 10 of my favorite Valkyrie teams showing different builds that can be used during all levels of the game. This should help give people at any level of the game and any platform find or develop a Valkyrie build that they like. Keep in mind the level ranges of each team, for as shown in this video not all teams work at all levels.

If you know of any other good Valkyrie teams that you like to use, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

2:10 Level 50 - 200: Knight Coronet - Behemoth - Valkyrie - Druid
6:28 Level 10 - 50: Crude Club - Tyri - Druid - Valkyrie
16:00 Level 1 - 100: Druid - Valkyrie - Druid - Druid
22:50 Level 30 - 200: Treant - Alchemist - Valkyrie - Banshee
28:20 Level 50 - 250: Abhorath - Valkyrie - Green Slime - Keeper of Souls
32:50 Level 50 - 300: Treant - Valkyrie - Keeper of Souls - Astral Spirit
38:50 Level 100 - 500: Mercy - The Devoted - Paladin - Valkyrie
45:17 Level 300 - 1000: Crimson Bat - Soothsayer - Valkyrie - Crimson Bat
49:50 Level 300 - 1000: Plague - Valkyrie - Queen Mab - Astral Spirit
52:58 Level 300 - 1000: Emperor Khorvash - Valkyrie - Crimson Bat - Death

Also, thank you everyone so much for 1,000 subscribers! :slight_smile: We ended up hitting 1,000 subscribers; 100,000 views; and 100 videos all around the same time. :smiley:



10 out of 10 would valk again!

Ok, out of pure curiosity, why soothsayer instead of mercy for the double bat team?

Soothsayer has more board control and has magic gain. Mercy would also bring the team’s color total to 4 instead of 5.


Soothsayer’s magic gain is very strong with Bats. Late-game you can use that to push them over the edge and literally two-hit the whole enemy team. (Depending on the team)

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Thanks, I didn’t realize the extra magic made that much of a difference.

Great video (as always).

Absence of Rowanne is very surprising, she seems like very strong troop that goes well with Valkyrie.
What teams would you suggest for explore?

When you increase Magic on Troops that hit all enemies, you increase total damage by 4.

That’s why Arcane on Queen Mab is a STUPID decision.

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A lot of these builds can supplement her in if you want her instead. The Crude Club - Tyri - Druid - Valkyrie is the one I used Rowanne in instead for my Let’s Play.

For explore, I would suggest The Devoted team with Rowanne instead of Paladin. The Devoted - Valkyrie - Rowanne - Mercy

For explore I’ve found that Valkyrie - Valkyrie - Crimson Bat - Mercy is pretty fast.

Another good team for PvP is a variation on two of the teams up there: Emperor Khorvash - Soothsayer - Valkyrie - Crimson Bat.

Emperor Khorvash
Emperor Khorvash

The new “select any team and win without looking” team

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I still use Bul’tauros - 3x Dust Devil for my explore :stuck_out_tongue:

No souls, but it is the quickest I have seen that is consistent.

Yeah, it’s a shame. I paid dearly for Khorvash and he’s going to end up getting neutered…

They don’t do that anymore

True, if he gets “neutered” like Maw did, I may be happy. LOL

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No mention of the Shadow Hunter, Behemoth, Valk, Druid team? I figured that would make the cut as people said it was very powerful in the other thread.


I like how people are suggesting team with Mercy when I want farm traitstones for her. :stuck_out_tongue:

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