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Consolidated list of favorite teams

Hi all,

I know there are a lot of disparate threads (including tacet’s excellent video) showing different teams, but I was interested in starting a thread where people could list what teams they are using and for what. Getting everything in one place would make it a lot easier for people to explore new options and get an idea of what troops might go well together.

From Tacet’s video on Valk teams:
Level 50 - 200: Knight Coronet - Behemoth - Valkyrie - Druid
Level 10 - 50: Crude Club - Tyri - Druid - Valkyrie
Level 1 - 100: Druid - Valkyrie - Druid - Druid
Level 30 - 200: Treant - Alchemist - Valkyrie - Banshee
Level 50 - 250: Abhorath - Valkyrie - Green Slime - Keeper of Souls
Level 50 - 300: Treant - Valkyrie - Keeper of Souls - Astral Spirit
Level 100 - 500: Mercy - The Devoted - Paladin - Valkyrie
Level 300 - 1000: Crimson Bat - Soothsayer - Valkyrie - Crimson Bat
Level 300 - 1000: Plague - Valkyrie - Queen Mab - Astral Spirit
Level 300 - 1000: Emperor Khorvash - Valkyrie - Crimson Bat - Death

I’m currently trying out:
Treant, Hellcat, Alchy, Sheggra

Please post what teams you think are good!


While Crimson is effective I prefer double khorvash.
Khorwash/valk/khorwash/spider queen

All colors covered, emperors kill enemy troops fast, double stun shuts the enemy down easy + 3 sources for mana drain, and 50% skull reduction.
I don’t have death yet and will probably including him and change my team a bit once I get him but for now this one works great. I’m around level 490 I think.

I enjoy a minor variation for PvP Invades:
Level 300-1000: Soothsayer - Valkyrie - Crimson Bat - Psion

The team I use 90% of the time is Gorgotha, Crescendo, Valk and Crimson Bat. Apart from said team above, I use a Mawggra team and an Abhorath team.

Maybe Mercy would help filling Valk faster while also providing cleanse to everyone and some life gain from time to time. In a meta filled with Freeze, Stun, Burning, and eventual Webbed or Death Mark (been seeing both a little more present these days) it would be worth a try.

I just tried this team w/ the Archer Class a number of times. A bit slow to get going for me, but not bad once it gets rolling.

Opponent can’t freeze you if they are both stunned. .
I don’t say mercy would be a bad choise, not at all, but not for cleanse purpose at least :slight_smile: