Verse distribution

I’ve used well over 100 gnome a paloozas so far since they were released but I have the issue that I’m getting too little of verse 4.

I realize it all comes down to RNG but at this point I have:
Verse 1 x25
Verse 2 x48
Verse 3 x53
Verse 4 x9

Is there a possibility to adjust the daily offers so you only get offered the verse you have the least of?
Or maybe another way that takes into account which verse you actually need?

Thanks for reading my idea.


Yeah it is all RNG and eventually they should all even out but that takes a very large amount of total verses to happen. It would be nice if at least the offers were skewed to help complete sets to even them out more without needing to have a total of 10k verses to get them to fall near the average.


They won’t touch it. It will remain forever out of balance for everyone.

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Likely yes but then again they did adjust the gem offers to give you offers for kingdoms that need them even if it isn’t a perfect system it has been improved so there is a possibility they could adjust the verse offers as well.

Check this out, it puts things in perspective. Sure you’re having an uneven distribution because of RNGesus, but less than you might think.

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Not that I know of. Maybe a dev could change that though