5.7 Feedback - Where is Freddie? (aka Verse RNG Needs Better Balance)

It was with hope and excitement that I read the following statement in the 5.7 Patch Notes:

Indeed - I have received Daily Offers for at least one each of Verse 2, Verse 3 and Verse 4 (perhaps more, but my memory fails me at the moment)

I completely understand (and for the most part accept) the very randomness of RNG…

BUT - Where the heck is Freddie and an offer for Verse 1??

Isn’t there something that can be done to better balance the RNG just a little bit on these verses??

In the meantime, if anyone sees Freddie, could you please send him over to me on Xbox?


Yep I think you have a point.

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It is with me!


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Lol thats hilarious how many palooza you could make. I wish pmsl.

Grind to get 50 set of verses. Then GAP can be 25 to 50, depending on my free time.


Happy GAP every time! :grin:

Believe me next gnome event. I sint sleeping for 3 days lol

Please do so. You’ll be happy. Then relax for the next 6 week.

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As we was speaking. I got the one I needed. Just wow coincidence wtf. Can you believe that.


For me it’s the opposite, Freddi is the one I have most of. As for RNG needing better balance, I think the daily offers in a way will help us to even out eventually by only purchasing the ones we need.


I need verse 4.
I am good on verse 1+2+3, but verse 4 Gnome stays away

I need 2 and 4