Vault Event + Kingdom Pass Battlecrasher Issue

Hello Adventurers,

We have investigated the reports that the Vault event is reducing the chance of a Kingdom Pass Battlecrasher appearing (especially for 9th and 10th encounters with him).

We have released a fix that should improve the chance of him appearing while a Vault Event is running (though there will still be some RNG that may make is seem like he has a lower chance than before).


Any compensation for those (like my mother) who weren’t able to get their battlecrashers in the window of post-fix yet pre-daily-reset? It was a pretty small opportunity, and I’ll bet a lot missed out due to sleep and/or work schedules


Thanks for the speedy fix!

Can confirm that I’ve found the full complement of 10 today as hoped.

Extra 1 battlecrusher from yesterday???
Where is it?
10 for today are collected, that’s ok.

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I did over 1K battles yesterday and was stuck on 3/5 (Which was 8/10) and paid for the big pass. What kind of compensation are you going to give those of us that missed out on our full compliment of battle crashers through no fault of our own. What incentive do we have to continue spending money on bugged events if we can’t complete them?


Perhaps instead of sending a compensation, you could extend the event for one more day. Seems to be easier to achieve. Just my 50 cent.

As a result of the bug yesterday, I think I’m actually going to be one short of getting the 50th node in the kingdom pass.


@Kafka - I don’t know how to contact you any more.

I think a more serious problem is that the drop rates of band gnomes and tarot troops in the Vault is far too low.

Cedric is certainly a critical troop to max, but I’m getting more drops of him than of any other single gnome/tarot troop in the Vault. And that is hugely frustrating.


Seriously? 0 compensation for this issue? Not even a single battle crasher credit??? Not 1 gem??? YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

I’ll miss out on one reward, too, as I couldn’t get the 10th crown yesterday.

Got my 10th today but haven’t seen a gnome since. Hope that’s just bad luck… :sweat_smile:

Enough is enough !

Day after day, time after time, more new bugs than new correct content. Hopefully and fortunately (for 505games devs and dba), MongoDB is a good alibi :rage:.

What a shame !

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I agree. Sorry is not enough in this case.

@Kafka can you please start telling the truth?
“…that the Vault event is reducing the chance of a Kingdom Pass Battlecrasher appearing (especially for 9th and 10th encounters with him).”
truth: first 9 were normal and no one got 10 before the fix!!!


Yep, and the fix was after the majority of the player base was done playing for the day…


On xbox, gnomes are not showing like prior events. Even after reset, capped at 9 battle crashers. It was a waste of time and missed major loot yesterday. Afer 300 battles, 4 gnomes.

Every dedicate player should be done with battle crashers, just take them out. Please stop time gating and make them stop spawning after pass completion.

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They should have equal chance based on card type. Like, drop chance for legendary is 10%, then do a second roll on that type of card.

Ok so what about the one I missed yesterday? I paid money for this garbage pass and may not even get all the rewards.

Tough luck, it was fixed before server reset.
-Gow Devs, probably

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Have not played enough on Mobile/PC to notice yet.

Same on Playstation, not a question of RNG.

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