[Resolved] WHAT is going on here?...nexus battle crasher

I got my 10th shortly after updating too

got my 10th. game gave me a battlecrasher tutorial for it lol

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I can confirm that I finally got my 10th after installing the update on Steam.

Easy to track for me since the game rewards me 10 souls to the new shrine each battle and I have 2500/8000.
So 250 battles after the update and no 10th battlecrasher for me. :roll_eyes:

I don’t think that it had anything to do with the update.

I personally updated 3 hours ago, did Factions and then did about 10 full E1 runs. Never got that 10th.

It appears they may have made a change just before reset, while I was doing dishes. Thanks!

Hey folks,

I’ve posted about this here:

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Extra 1 battlecrusher from yesterday???
Where is it?
10 for today are collected, that’s ok.

I did over 2K trophies yesterday, about 1K battles, and I am stuck on 3/5 (Which would be 8/10), never got last 2 Heliodor’s.

Same for me. 300 battles and only 4 gnomes on xbox.

Was Joe in charge of the Battlecrashers yesterday? Must have been a demotion


I just got the 10th!

@Kafka that 10th battlecrasher just don’t want to appear. The number of kingdom battlecrashers was a problem even before the vault event started.

ps: no strikethrough formatting

Remember how many times they told us battle crashers didn’t affect gnomes and vice versa.

Also this hasn’t been resolved until we receive that additional crasher we were not allowed to farm.


Still missing 1 crown from battle crushers!!!

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This makes the assumption that this issue is resolved and we are all at an even battle crashers total. Here we are 2 days after being marked “resolved” and I’m still staring at a 4/5 on my crown counter.



@Kafka !!! It is NOT resolved!!!

1 crown is still missing!!!


Someone affected should make a new bug report. They won’t look at a “Resolved” thread.

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Isn’t the [Resolved] tag part of the title, I mean as in words? So op could delete this part and we’re back to not resolved. @WishKiller

No one should have to make a new thread or submit a ticket. They are well aware of the issue. They need to follow through and credit 1 crown to everyone, whether they got the 10 an hour or two before reset or not.

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I’m not trying to say the victims did anything wrong or should have to do anything more to get restitution, only that they will need to make another bug report if they’re going to be heard, as opposed to typing into the void :man_shrugging:

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Directly mentioning employees isn’t typing in to the void. Regardless, if customers are replying to bug threads the employees need to be reviewing them regardless of text in a title…