[Resolved] WHAT is going on here?...nexus battle crasher

I am on ps5 and got 9 of the final 10 battle crashers for the nexus event. So I decided to count…225 battles in and the final battle crasher has not spawned…this is complete B.S.


Made 144 fights after the 9th one and still counting.
It’s worst than the first day.

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If this misstep from the dev team screws me from getting the final reward…I will be done with this game…I farmed every single day and got the kingdom. Pass…if they treat paying customers like this…screw em.

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If you miss the last stage open a ticket for refund. They only understand the language of money.

Just over 2 and a half hours farming so far and the 10th Crasher hasn’t dropped for me yet (on PC). Also the number of gnomes appearing seems to have lessened dramatically once I got the 9th battle crasher… connected? Probably

I know of no one that got 10 today.

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I stop counting after 250 fights. No 10th crown.

same 9/10, i did run a palooza before getting all my crashers. i thought that may have been my problem

I collect the rewards with 9 crowns, I get the reward for lvl54 and rewards for 51-55 part had a reset.
So If I have the 10th, I will get the lvl51 reward instead of 55

Same here for at least 1 guild mate and myself being stuck at 9/10 today.

Same here, stuck at 9/10

Same here - 9 out of 10!

guess its support ticket time again

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Same problem 9/10 the last one didnt spawn after like 300 match

Same only 9 and less then 10 gnomes in about an hour and a half of explore. Even mixed up kingdoms and difficulty and a few pvp.

Pretty sure Gnome event and Heliodor are conflicting with eachother. Devs said Gnome take priority over other battle crasher and this is our first Gnome event since Heliodor.

Stopped dropping battle crashers after the ninth and the gnomes seem to have become more difficult to find as well.

but it isn’t our first vault event with battlecrasher.
we are all pretty sure that this is again another bug

but this is the first one with the limitation distinction, so i think the problem lie there

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@Nimhain for your data: i got my 9th battlecrasher over 500 explore battles ago, it is impossible to get 10 today and this will happen for sure also the next two days.
i finished kingdom pass already sometime ago, so i’m not affected, but please fix this real fast, otherwise i see the next riot happen especially of paying players.
so, please keep up your good communication and be aware of that bug