[Not a bug] No response on missing kingdom event battle crashers

This is getting ridiculous. 3 threads are now ignored by 505 and my ticket has been open for 12 days with NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER. I think we deserve at least some response here…

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Sorry I realise we may not have made any clear enough posts about this after looking through my post activity to see what exactly I said:

The problem wasn’t that the battlecrasher was missing, it was that its chances of appearing were less during a Vault event, but it was still possible to encounter.

We mentioned what we were doing about it in this official news post here:

I played more than enough games to get 10 battle crashers on that day. I would like the orb of chaos credited to my account or my money refunded. There was a problem with the game, which was admitted, and you are doing nothing to make it right for the players who spent money and hours playing your broken game. Please make this right.

No. It wasn’t. Not a single player in the entire game was able to find a 10th battle crasher during the time it was bugged. You have ZERO proof to show otherwise.

Why is the official stance of Infinity Plus 2 to now deny and mislead anytime the game is at fault now? What the hell happened to y’all actually supporting players? And when the game screwed a player at no fault to the player and 100% fault to the coders… Y’all made it right.

Infinity Plus 2’s new years resolution should be to be more like the company who appreciated the player base and was willing to stand up to the evil publisher.

Y’all have sold the frank out. I hope in 2022 505 Games gets cancelled for the mental abuse it’s caused thousands of players.


I 100% agree. I played over 20 explore runs. 25 if I remember correctly. If you can’t get 10 crashers in that time something is seriously wrong. It’s not like we’re even asking for anything more than WHAT WE PAID FOR! Just credit anyone the next reward they were missing if they were 1 crown away. It shouldn’t be that hard.

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