Vault Event + Kingdom Pass Battlecrasher Issue

So what happens to the people who were unable to claim a reward after getting stuck on 9? No opportunity to recoup this??

Come on, people have paid money for this event. You need to offer something in compensation if the stated rewards at the point of sale are no longer achievable.


The last 5 stages are repeatable. But you wouldn’t know that unless you dig in to patch note posts.

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I was blocked at 9 crowns yestarday. I need a crown compensation.

Fixed, you say? Funny, I’m looking at day 2 of stopping at 9.


God lord we paid for the kingdom pass fix this!

That’s because you missed one the day prior, which meant you stopped at 4. Now after getting your ten crowns you’ll still be at 4. You will always be 1 short now. I’m short 2 because I got stuck on 8 yesterday, and the fix was done around 2am for me.

I’ve been trying to get verses, and in 9 hours of playing, I got 12 verses, plus the 1 I need, I got 1, I used to get about 10 gnomes an hour, now I get 3 or 4 an hour, I get more gnomes outside a event than playing the event. This bites

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I feel they negatively influence each other. And weirdly I seem to be getting fewer gnomes after the 10th crown

That sours the extra event we all looked forward to.

But now you know that there is something to be aware of for a possible next kingdom release (though I sincerely hope it won’t tbe the same terrible system again, that was horrible).


Yeah, I stopped searching for battle crashers at all after a point. I hope they find a different way to award Crowns.

They also “forget” to remove the “pet gnome unavailability during the Wednesday pet day” for this Vault.
It is surprising because they already encountered the case a saturday, and they already know how to fix it. So, I’m sure it is voluntary and not a bug.

Once again, what a SHAME !

It’s a bonus vault event… I don’t understand the “forgot to remove the pet” I’m fine getting a pet that is new over a bunch already maxed personally. They could have just as easily not given a bonus vault event and people wouldn’t be complaining… just my 2 cents, I do feel they should give everybody the missing crown from yesterday but the pet, not bothered by 1 of 3 days being blocked by a pet thats only rotated 1x


There is no seeming like it takes longer. Just took me 20 full explore 1 runs to get the 10th. That is by far the longest excluding last night which never happened after 25. Update your article to tell the truth and offer some compensation.

To put this into perspective, if we were to play by your gnome-a-palooza rules of 1 battle a minute that’s 100 minutes, assuming there are no mythic battles. Over an hour and a half grind for battle crashers. Got to be kidding me…

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I really hope the next kingdom pass gets reworked but I doubt it. I don’t like being forced to grind 20 minutes every day for 5 weeks just to “unlock” rewards I have already paid for.

So many games (even AAA games) are adopting this type of reward structure now. I guess the data must show it generates the most money somehow so unfortunately it’s here to stay.


Over 300 total battles now and haven’t gotten a single cursed gnome.

Hey, thanks for letting us know. I’ll gather the battle data from your account and let the team know.


Even if it is a “bonus” Vault (and I disagree with the term “bonus” because it is a compensation for the GW bug and postponed GW), when there is a Vault, if you play PVP, you obtain numbers of pet gnomes and I prefer, like numbers of players, having a pet gnome each hour with my guildmates than only one that block all our pet gnomes with garbage food.
And this pet is not new.

Any fix? Or refunding the missing crown?


Still NO 1 crown from battlecrushers!!!

2 days ago I got 9 crowns. Yesterday after 2 hours of no crowns after 9 gave up but went back to game a few hours later and got my 10th. Today same BS, stuck at 9. Left game after about an hour of no crown been playing again now for 2 hours still can’t get my 10th. This is ridiculous!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

please get rid of the new kingdom pass / battle crashers. It a terrible idea. you sghould really play test this stuff.