Valkyries where to farm Them?

Hi to all,
I would like to know where to find the Valkyries, I have found the city and finish the main quest, but they will drop or I must be lucky in the chest (if in chest wich one?). Tyy for advice :wink:

Easiest to get from gold, glory or Guild chests.

Except the storyline Epic characters, the 2 other ways to get any troop are through chests or Soulforge.

To unlock Soulforge, you need to complete the Drifting Sand and Blighted Land storylines.

Valkyrie isn’t a hard troop to pull, but you still need a lot keys. Best way is to get in a good guild, you’ll be a able to get several hundreds keys a week from the guild task resources

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Tx guys I do mission and now I have changed My Guild hoe will be better :wink: (In italy is not soo know this game on Xbox sigh)

I recategorised this to gameplay chat, and not a Community Guide, as it isn’t one.

Thank you :slight_smile: