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Hello New Player, where to farm to get better troops?

Hello, not sure if this is the right place to post this.


What are all the places that people farm to get troops?

After reading the chest wiki, I think the glory chests and gem chests are what should be farmed.

Where do you farm to get keys for these chests?

I am planning to just farm arena for glory keys. Any advice will help.



After asking around for tips I was told to:

look for a good guild. (not sure what guild rank range accepts level 50 player)

save gems for dragon armor.

finish quests and kingdoms.

unlock hero forge and dungeon. (complete)

use gold to upgrade kingdoms to level 5.

get to tier 1 in pvp. (complete)

spend glory only on 300 weekly troop. (complete)

anything missing?

The tips you received are very solid. Some reasoning behind them:

  • In a guild you and your guildmates can work towards (invest gold) in tasks that have many rewards, such as Gems, Glory, different Keys, Souls and Diamonds.

  • Even if your level is low right now there are guilds who will recruit people and help them out, specially with advice. It’s important to join a guild to earn Guild Seals for each battle and other activities you complete. These seals can be hoarded and used later to open Guild Chests which depending of the tier can also give you Mythic troops.

  • If you play PVP you’ll earn trophies, gold and glory as well as some ingots that can be used to upgrade your weapons, but it’s better to leave some of these ingots for later. Anyway, The trophies can improve the Rank of your Guild which brings some advantages like daily rewards, the gold is useful to upgrade your kingdoms and also invest in your Guild Tasks and Glory is the second best currency you can earn which allows you to buy Glory Chests (with chances to obtain Rare troops or even Mythic ones), Troop Packs with traitstones (and some other resources you’ll need) to upgrade your troops.

Even if you don’t play everyday, make sure to at least login in order to earn the Weekly and Monthly daily rewards.

Each hour there is a chance your kingdoms will give you tributes, the more you upgrade your kingdoms higher are the chances and amount of tributes you can earn. Multiple tributes will give you Gold, Glory, Gold Keys, Souls and Gems, for gems if you receive tribute from X Kingdoms you’ll get X-1 gems (4 Kingdoms = 3 Gems, 10 Kingdoms = 9 Gems and so on).


I’d say everything above is very useful. But invest your gold in kingdoms: take all kingdoms, run all quests and spend your gold to raise each kingdom to level 10. Only after it invest your gold in guild tasks. On lower levels you’ll be mostly gaining from your guild that giving to it, it’s absolutely normal.

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@BLAZE, hello, and welcome.

So, you may want to consider the Treasure Hunt mini game for glory and gem keys (and other resources, too). Heavily dependent on luck and skill, with RNG on your side, you can accumulate keys (and other resources) without leveling your Hero, as no experience is accumulated.

To unlock it, all you need is a Treasure Map, which can be awarded on a consecutive gem cascade/match of seven, iirc, or alternatively, you can farm maps with troops that have the ability to acquire one during a match.

Tyri is the best troop for this, and she is awarded to you upon completing the Zhul’Kari questline.

Oh, and depending on the troop available for Glory, you may want to consider spending some of your earned and accumulated Glory on more than one copy… for the bundled traitstones, as you may want to fast-track traiting a few of your troops.

Also, feel free to ask any and all questions you may have. These forums are helpful like that. :slightly_smiling_face: