Uuum, What's Going On Here? This is PS4

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I don’t know what I’m seeing but that’s definitely a PS4 button on the screen so I doubt this is on PC.

That looks like someone on PS4 bought a “Legendary Starter Pack” (that’s the X1 Name) for $49.99 USD plus some other packs as well.

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Basically this. I’ve found that a lot of problems relating to the store are when a player has purchased something, but the pack has for whatever reason become unavailable before they’ve redeemed it. So the store doesn’t know what to do with it, and just gets stuck. Which leads to most people’s broken stores. However, the entitlement is still there, even months later, and after the items have been given out by our support. So when we add the item back in to our store data to fix their problem, they should see their purchase pop up and redeem itself.

That being said, we can’t simply put in every previous item we’ve had in the game, as on PS4 the store has to load each real money purchase item individually, and even with only our currently active items that takes quite a while.