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Purchase issue

I tried to purchase the elite pass and I am unable to do so. The screen starts with the grey box then screen gets dim then nothing. This all happens within a split second. I have rebooted unplugged , used different card but it won’t work. I called microsoft who advised my account is good with no issues. I tried microsoftstoregemsofwar but that stuff is so outdated and the Elite pack is not on there. What’s going on here? Any help would be appreciated. I’m on xbox

Yeah it is. The descriptions are out dated but it still works. You get the loot mentioned in in game store, and not the 1000 seals +

Lol I was tempted to buy that very pack for the 1000 seals & 4 guild keys but opted against it

I meant the elite pass for the Campaigns. I did not see that there

Maybe a temp problem that will go away in a day?

If a long term issue, they will need invite code to check your profile.