Using Gmone-a-Palooza

I was just wondering if Palooza should be used at a particular time or place, or just use him whenever?

You can use Palooza whenever but you’ll get more vault keys if you do it during Vault weekend.


Vault weekend for the keys is definitely advised – almost every other Gnome drop is nerfed (in quantity) and that makes it far less worthwhile as a tool to farm resources.

In my guild, we generally hold a Gnome-a-Palooza for a time when a Pest Rescue isn’t running. The idea being to do a quick PvP (or two, if necessary) to trigger a Pest Rescue for the rest of the Guild, and then to switch to Explore 1 to whomp as many gnomes as possible. Not that you (or your Guild) have to do things that way, but that’s my Guild’s etiquette and a way to help out the people who help in return.


Not a fan of the pet system, are we? :smile:

Yes, generally speaking save your Gnome Verses for a Vault weekend. Build a “sweep” team and set the game animation speed as fast as you can handle, then farm something like low-level Explore runs and you should be able to take out about 60 Gnomes easily, enough for +4 Vault Keys compared to normal days.

Could you please tell me what is a sweep team?

“Sweep”, as in, designed to wipe out an enemy team as quickly as possible, typically via a spell that deals damage to all enemies plus some ability to quickly generate Mana, and/or at least one Troop with the “Empowered” trait (begins battle with full mana / ready to spellcast). Note that “Empowered” is often the last (most expensive) trait on a troop to unlock.

For example, here’s a random combination just off the top of my head:

  • Gimlet Stormbrew: Empowered, converts Green Gems to Brown. If this results in a combination of 5 gems, that’s a Mana Surge (worth at least +10 Brown Mana) and extra turn.
  • Bombot: Fully charges with 10 Brown mana, self-destructs to damage all enemies (scaled by +50% of its Armor stat).

So if you happen to start with a lucky arrangement of Green and Brown Gems, you can deal upwards of 20 damage to all enemies and potentially win (at least against low-level teams) literally on your first turn.

And here are some basic ways to quickly generate a lot of mana:

  • “Destroy # Gems of [color]” – Guaranteed to generate that amount of mana (and trigger any special gems, e.g. Lycanthropy/Freeze gems), at least if there are enough Gems on the board (note the gem count shown before casting the spell). Sometimes it’s a fixed color, but it’s more versatile when you can pick the color yourself (e.g. Tyri).
  • “Destroy all Gems of a specific color” (e.g. Clockwork Sphinx) – typically generates about 10 mana from a color of your choice.
  • “Convert [color 1] gems to [color 2]” (e.g. Gimlet Stormbrew above) – effectiveness depends strictly on board layout, but look for groups of both colors that when combined will yield 4 or more gems (for a minimum of the extra turn) and pick troops primarily around [color 2].
  • “Convert a selected color to [color 2]” – more flexible than the above because you get to pick the source color, so it’s easier to create matches of 4 or more gems.
  • “Convert [color 1] to a selected color” – less common than the above but potentially even more flexible because you get to pick the target color, and thus which Troop gets to receive it.
  • “Create # [color] of Gems” (Fire Lizard, etc) – randomly adds Gems of a specific color to the board (replacing other Gems). Very unpredictable but if the board already has many gems of just one color, adding more will tend to generate matches of 4 or more gems.

You can also “loop” mana generation, for example:

  • “Convert Red to Blue”
  • “Convert Blue to Green”
  • “Convert Green to Red”

Notice the circular pattern? Depending on specific troop colors, it’s possible to combine two or three mana-generating troops that charge each other in sequence, allowing you to reliably cast spells in A → B → C order.

There’s also an official guide with some sample team-builds for specific purposes here:


Thank you so much for the info, I really appreciate it. Once your troops reach Mystic what do you do with the extra cards, and is it worth upgrading all troops to Mystic? From what I have read in the weekly summaries players are complaining that some troops are completely worthless as Mystics.

*(it’s spelled “Mythic” not “Mystic” – one is a rarity level, the other is a troop type/species – but that aside…)

Once you have ascended a troop to Mythic and have 4 copies, the only thing you can really do with duplicates is to Disenchant them for bonus souls. Which isn’t much, but it’s better than nothing…

Spelling was never my strong suit lol. The pets that give a bonus to a kingdom, do they also give the bonus in the underworld?

Yes. Stat bonuses apply equally in basically all modes (except Arena) and Pet Bonuses are global (whether the pet is equipped or not).

As for the Kingdom bonuses itself:

  • Upgrading a Kingdom’s “Level” rewards +1 stat bonus at Lv.10, 15, 20 (total +3). From a Kingdom’s menu, click “Level” to see the summary.
  • Upgrading a Kingdom’s “Power” rewards +1 stat at Lv.5, Lv.10, Lv.20, Lv.30 (total +4). From a Kingdom’s menu, click “Power” then “View Bonuses” for the complete list.

From the world map, click “Troops” and without selecting any team specifically immediately switch to the “Bonuses” tab and you will see 3 global bonuses that always apply to ALL teams:

  • “Kingdom” bonus (Levels & Power) as described above
  • “Guild” bonus, awarded when completing all 12 levels of a Guild’s weekly tasks (but resets each Monday)
  • “Renown” bonus accrues with completing higher-level Delves across all Underworld Factions (from a Faction menu, select “Faction Info” for details)

If you select a specific Team from the Troops screen then click the “Bonuses” tab you will see all stat bonuses that apply to that team, such as using multiple Troops of the same Type or Kingdom as each other.

So whatever kingdom I am fighting in, I do not not need to equip the pet that belongs to, say Adana? So basically whatever pet I equip is just for show, and I am getting the bonuses of all my pets? One last question. I am on Xbox X, and I strongly believe there is a bug that is causing me to not get gold or glory added to my total from the chests sometimes. The last 2 days I was not getting the glory from the glory chest added to my total. All I get is everything is working as intended. I am not into the nuts and bolts if you will of taking videos, plus I never know when it is going to happen. I tried taking a 60 sec video for a game I used to play, and it nearly took 6 hours, yes 6 hours to upload to my computer. I never did send the video because I could not figure out how to send it. I think I had to zip it, which is beyond me. I don’t have kids to tell me how to do these things. I am just a simple guy. Thanks for all your help.

Yes, which pet you equip is simply cosmetic, their bonuses (if they have one) are global. But remember a “Kingdom Team Bonus” only applies to teams with 2 or more troops from the Kingdom mentioned, and a “Troop Type” bonus only applies to team with 2 or more troops of the type specified.

Not sure I can help with that last one. Videos are bandwidth-heavy just by nature (I play on Switch where a 30-second clip runs about 20MB) so unless you have some ability to edit it (trim its length, change quality settings, etc) then your upload times are always going to run a bit long.

Sometimes the onscreen counters take a second to update – for example, I just checked my tribute income and received (including) ~20 Gory but the tallies were slightly delayed. Then with a current count of 692 Glory I spent 200 for 10 Chests and the counter on the same screen then updated to 532 (-160) because the chests included +40 Glory (-200+40), so the numbers checked out.

Thanks for clarifying the Team Bonus, and now I know I have not been getting them. I use a Class until I max it out. I guess in some cases I have when I do the Adventure Task and a certain team is needed. You know what I was told by one of the support techs which is a downright lie. When you open chests the system has already calculated the amount of gold, glory, etc. and is automatically added to your total before they actually come out. If you believe that whopper then I got a bridge to sell you. I got the same lies when I used to play Black Desert, and I loved playing that game. Have a good evening and take care.

You ready to pay up? Because that in fact is how server/client (“cloud” based) interfaces/games necessarily work.

When you “open” any chests, the loading delay that happens is the server processing what resources (Gold, Glory, etc) are being spent, and what contents you are receiving from it – even if you force the game off at this time and reboot it, the contents of the chest are still issued to you (stored on the server-side of your account). Basically everything outside of the actual gem battles goes through client/server verification to keep it synced.

And “everything” means EVERYTHING, you can’t even switch menus without the game consulting the server about it.

But don't just take me at my word, try it yourself

For example, right now I have:
Gold: 365,943
Glory: 576
Souls: 1,332
Gems: 239
Minor: total 426
Major: total 266

Now I go and spend 15k on 50 Gold Chests, but the moment the animation starts playing (i.e. I can Skip it) I shut off the app from my system home screen and give it a hard reboot.

Now I have:
Gold: 353,421 (-12,522)
Glory: 616 (+30)
Souls: 1,332
Gems: 239
Minor: total 432 (+6)
Major: total 271 (+5)

Unfortunately I cannot confirm what Troops I received from the chest because there’s no easy way to get an overall count of my Troop collection, but I can tell just from these tallies alone that shutting off the game didn’t preclude me from receiving the contents.

But I do have some Troops ascended to Mythic and can Disenchant duplicates for Souls – specifically, “Disenchant All” counts that I can disenchant 108 copies for +615 Souls. Keep this number in mind as I:

1 - Open 50 Gold Chests.
2 - This time I shut off the game before the loading delay finishes.
3 - Reboot the game and check.


  • I can now disenchant 127 Troops for +715 Souls.
  • If I sort Troops by “Upgradeable” Nymph is now eligible for Ascension (when she wasn’t before).

So, clearly those 50 chests contained at least 19 Troops including at least one Nymph.

Now this doesn’t rule out other possibilities for what might have taken place, but unless we can actually review your video footage ourselves (e.g. can you upload it to YouTube? Twitter? etc) we are very much guessing blind.

Can you explain this in a bit more detail?

  • Pet Bonuses aren’t listed separately under the “Bonuses” tab, but instead folded into whatever other bonuses (Kingdom Team bonus, Troop Type Bonus) a given Team may be eligible for.
  • When you complete an Adventure Task, its payoff is already included on the Victory Screen results. e.g. if an Adventure battle awards +100 Souls upon completion you will see “100 Adventure Souls” in the victory results listed separately from whatever Souls you earned during the battle itself.

I swear when I have completed a run of say 50 gold chests, my total gold was still whatever it was before I clicked on the 50 chest button. Maybe I am crazy or the game is messing with me, but I have seen the gold being added right when the card comes out, but usually when I click on another 50 chests, or leave the chest menu. Have you gotten a Hoard Mimic yet?

(meme-quality laughter)
You’re definitely asking the wrong player this question – I usually just farm the daily and weekly battles/events, I don’t pick Explore runs all too often and have a lifetime count of just 1 (regular) Mimic Boss Chest at this time.

I just noticed 2 new banners, where are they? Are they in the Guild Journey Event?

Where did you noticed those new banners? What kind of banners? Could you possibly be more descriptive?

Players can gain banners in just three ways:

  1. one banner for each kingdom;
  2. one banner for each underworld faction (I don’t recall anymore if both of these required finishing questline to obtain or just unlocking the location with gold was enough)
  3. banners from warbands - under warbands tab in your shop window.

If you filter “Unowned” under your banners’ tab from troop selection screen, it shows all the banners you’re currently missing and on every banner it says where it comes from.

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Oh I know about the banners, I just happened to select UNOWNED and these 2 came up. I do not even know how long they have existed. Here is a screenshot of them.

Daniel Varvarinec
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Those are two of the original warbands (as they are not available from the shop now).
They said they would be switching out some of the old warbands for new stuff once in a while; so far it has happened once and those two are what got exchanged.
Players who didn’t buy them back then, must wait for that lucky day when the banners will rotate around.

EDIT: After digging in old official news posts - released in December 2020, rotated in July 2021.