Gnome a palooza

Is this normaly 7 vaultkeys from 1 gnome a palooza?

How many Gnomes did you defeat during it? The fastest way to “farm” a Gnome-a-Palooza (“GAP”) is to repeat Lv.1 Explore runs at x4 game speed with a team designed around sweeping the enemy team as fast as possible (e.g. I tend to use Slayer class, Horned Asp and Spirit Fox). A run of five battles (i.e. including the Explore mini-boss, total 20 Gnomes) tends to take only 2-3 minutes.

I ran two GAP’s yesterday, and got 31 Vault Keys (+1 Epic Vault Key). 9 of them were from the weekend Vault event, the remaining (including the Epic key) were randomly dropped by Gnomes defeated.

You should use 2x Ironhawk, Dust Devil and Greed (more gold) or sister superior (1-5% faster) :wink:

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captain awful is once again assuming that you have troops that he has attained. rofl

Captain i used sis. Dust. 2x ironhawk. And in my 2. gap 0 vault keys thats very very bad!!! :rage:

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:rofl: dang even I don’t have those troops. I use x2 Queen bee and umenath in front. I don’t remember te rest of my team I haven’t been online for 5 days (got caught by my sister in 001)

Not sure why you had this bad luck, but make sure you spam press A as the battle is ending to make the next one faster. Speeds things up a little.