[strategy] which mode to play Gnome-a-Palooza in?

I have collected the 4 verses. Which game mode should I spend the 15 minutes on, and what level? Does troop level affect loot amount, i.e. is explore 1 or explore 3 better?

(If explore 1, I am thinking of using Leprechaun-powered Moon Mage.)

Wait for a vault weekend that happens every few weeks. Then use them on Explore 1 for extra vault keys or even epic vault keys. Speed is key then.


An epic trial? :joy: Just kidding, don’t do this

Loot amount depends on equality of the team scores, so don’t bother - loot from gnomes themselves irrelevant. You need vault event for the keys, as they cannot be lower than 1 anyway. After the vault you exchange keys for resources finally

Like the other posts above me, I use Gnome-a-Palooza to generate Vault Keys on the special weekends. To do so, I run a Rowanne team (Mountain Crusher / Rowanne / Maraji Queen / Leprechaun) on Explore 1; if I don’t have lag with load times, I usually get ~40 battles out of the 15 minutes even with the extra clicking to clear notifications like Mini Boss battles. (I also bring my Mythstone numbers down far enough before I begin so that I don’t trigger a Mythic boss battle during a GaP.)

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Thanks for all the tips!

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Yeah, try to save GAP verses for Gnome Weekends (like we just had last weekend) so you can receive extra Vault Keys as rewards for taking out Gnomes.

Other tips before you actually craft the GAP:

  • Set your game speed to 4x if it isn’t already.
  • Build your Gnome-hunting team in advance.

Personally my GAP team is:

  • Chief Dargon
  • Horned Asp
  • Slayer hero
  • Spirit Fox

All fully traited. Spirit Fox can score an easy turn-one KO in L1 explore runs, prompting the Slayer class to Bleed all survivors. Horned Asp charges in 1 Purple match, then it’s more Bleed. And Chief Dargon adds Bleed with every Red match.

If you have the Mythic troops, a faster team can be something like 2x Dervish 2x Ironhawk (all fully traited), which yields 15 damage to all enemies on turn 1, then 15 more on turn 2.

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