Using different mobile devices

Using Gem of Wars on my Galaxy Tab 3 but would like to play GoW when at work but don’t want to take the Galaxy out with me.

Have a kindle fire for out and about. Will the game content be the same on the fire as it is on the Galaxy. Both versions numbers of the Game are the same. I intend to register the Galaxy and then link the Fire.

I don’t know much/any specifics about the Kindle Fire, but it sounds okay to me, from what you’ve said (i.e. same versions).

Registering on the Galaxy and then linking on the Fire, as mentioned, is the way to go :+1:.

I can’t remember if Kindle Fire counts as “PC/Mobile” or if it’s on its own platform. I’ll assume it is and get back to what would be different.

If it’s on the same platform, you can do this with a minor inconvenience. GoW only allows one device to be logged in at a time. So when you put down the Galaxy and pick up the Fire, if you try to play the game will stop you and ask you to restart. Same if you put down the fire and pick up the Galaxy. You most definitely cannot play both at the same time, or if you find a way to do so it’s an exploit.

If it’s not on the same platform, you’ll technically have a different account on each device, so nothing stops you, but you can’t make Galaxy progress from the Fire or vice versa. But I don’t think this is the case.

Sounds a bit complicated. I was intending to use the kindle at work and the galaxy at home, so there would be a few hours difference.
With other games I have played pc\android I have managed to pick up the game from where last left off without any trouble. But I can see where you are coming from.
I will register the galaxy and then link the kindle and see what happens. Thanks for replying.

Thanks for the reply. Iam thinking the same register the galaxy and link the kindle and stand back.

You sort of get used to it. I used to play on my iPad at home and my iPhone when out and about. What I started doing was force-closing the game every time I got “done” with one device.

That meant every time I opened the game it was “restarting”, therefore I didn’t have to be told to restart. I’d forget every now and then, but it’s only a minor annoyance.

Behind the scenes, it sort of makes sense. The game stores everything it knows about your account in files it gets from the server when you log in and when a few other things happen. To try and save bandwidth, it doesn’t re-download a lot of things unless it absolutely has to. But if it knows you logged in on another device, it can assume a lot of those things might’ve changed. The easiest way it can make sure it has the most recent data is to restart, which involves re-downloading all of the files.

Yes this is possible all you have to do is link the acc’s