Can i play your game on 2 devices with one account?

Im playing your game on an android device. If i download the pc version, would i be able to continue playing without loosing my progress (and cards)?

Yes, you have to link the installs in your profile. Go ingame and check the hero tab. There should be a link option there.

On PC it looks like this:

So run the game on the device you have your hro and click Show Password.
Then run the game on the new device and Link to Another Account and enter your password there.

I did it around christmas and it worked fine.


Yes you can, Shrpy. You need to set up the game on any other device using your hero and progress. Go to the hero screen on the first device.

Click on account settings

and then ‘Show your password’.

Use this password on the second (and third and so on) device in the same manner, but click on Link to another account’ in stead.

And you’re good to go!


Haha, @melkathi! You beat me to it because I was making more pictures. :smile:
I will turn this in to a guide then later today.


I shall read your guide then and click “like” :stuck_out_tongue:


Thx both. Well done. :slight_smile:

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I sent in a support request related to this, because my iPad is about to need a factory reset and unfortunately I haven’t backed up to iCloud in quite a while. But I’ve never setup my Gems of War account to be linked. Inasmuch as the account is on your servers, I’m hoping you can help me get access back on my iPad once I reset it.

I am in a similar situation : I spilled a glass of wine on my laptop and I am waiting for it to go back to the manufacturer, where it will probably be replaced or reset.
My son and I have one account per computer, so none of them is linked.
I would be sorry to lose my lvl 384 character, so I am very interested in the reply too!

If you contact support, our guys will be able to set up your account so it’s linked.

It turns out my iPad is not bricked after all, so I was able to link my account.

I have a similar problem. My pc will not be usable for a couple of weeks, so I thought to link my account on another device. BUT this second device has an active account too. So my question is: when I choose to link to another account, is the previopus one deleted? or can it be recovered by linking to again?
Sorry for my bad english… Thank you!

If you want to keep both accounts, you’ll have to link them to 2 different email addresses. That way you can switch between the 2 account whenever you want.