How to play GoW on multiple devices


Hi there mighty heroes!

You may ask yourself while you’re riding out onto the battlefields ‘I wished for some magic so I could take my favourite game Gems of War along’. Well, brave knight, you can!

There’s a magic code hidden in the game that you can use to link one device to another. It’s possible to take all your belongings - conquests, weapons, gold, anything - along.

Just go to the hero screen on the device from which you would like to take the progress with you.

In the right bottom corner is Account settings:

When you click on it, you are presented with 3 choices:

First you need to register the device with an email address. You will receive the inevitable confirmation mail in your inbox to confirm, so be sure to use one that you have immediate access to.

Next up, click on Show your password:

See the warning on top? Do it. Write it down or have it tattooed on your forearm, as long as you don’t loose it. For now, write it down anyway on a piece of paper, as you will need it in a second.

On the NEW device, go the same route: hero screen, account settings. This time click on Link to another account.
This will bring up a similar screen:

Fill in the email address you used to register the OTHER device. There is no need to register this device.
If you are doing it while you are on the road, now is the time to thank me for having you write the password down. If you have both devices at hand, you can of course just read it from the first.

That’s it. All your troops, weapons and progress are now on the second device. You can link as many devices as you like, but be careful when using them simultaneously as it could lead to loss of progress, since the devices have to report back to the server the whole time and might cause some interference.

Happy battling.

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Just a stupid question. Someone replied to my question earlier whether GOW will be coming to consoles. The good news that it will be coming in the near future but the bad news was that we will ave to start all over again.

Can you maybe explain why this is so please.

Thank you in advance and THANX for making the best game ever.