How does one get their mobile hero onto PC GoW -Solved

I am a bit confused.

I can’t get the same name that I have on my mobile on STEAM which makes it impossible to play my character on PC GoW - Unless I am missing a step???

I really would like to not always have to play on my mobile device


First, on your mobile, you have to go to Settings->Account->Register this Device so you can link your account on another device.

Then, you need to click the “Show your Password” and copy the account information there. On Steam, go to the similar Setting page and hit “Link to Another Account” by inserting the information you just copied. And viola!


I’ve looked over both Mobile Steam and PC Steam and can’t find any place that even remotely allows me to put that information … I sent a request to Steam Support.

@Taisiakat, First make sure that the device (main account which I’m assuming is the one on your mobile) is registered, then on your mobile device click on the cog to the right of the world map, then click on ‘Show your password’.
Write down the email address and the password below it.
Log onto your pc account and click on the cog once again, then on ‘Link to another account’ , after that enter the info from the other account. Be sure that you pick the hero that you want to use on both accounts.



Thank you and now I am off my phone and able to play on my computer


A big screen is SO much better than a phone or tablet. :wink:

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oh yes and I can do other things instead of being distracted by my phone :laughing: