Account Linking Question

I’ve been running a low level account on another device. I have both accounts registered and passwords for both.

When attempting to put my high level hero back on the device, I receive this prompt:

I’m fairly certain that the other account will not, in fact, be deleted, but rather the local data allowing access to the hero will be deleted and I will be fine since I have both passwords allowing me to switch freely between both accounts. But the language “permanently deleted” is worrysome, obviously. Can anyone give clarification/confirmation on this?

what you do… is you uninstall GOW on the device - clear the cache - then reinstall with your hero’s info.

you wont have access to the other on that device… if you want to play it on steam - you will have to make a new PC account and then the steam account with the other hero (its a pain, but works - i have 2 accounts besides my main for my kids - there are now 3 windows accounts and each windows account has 1 steam with 1 gow account)