My account seems deactivated

Hello guys,

first sry for my bad english. I will try my best to explain my problem. I played gems of war many months ago. My girlfriend began to play it a few days ago. Now i want to play it again. My problem is that my account seems deactived. I mean my account name is: SYNATION_DEACTIVATED. How can it be reactivated that i can link this account to my Android too ?

Thx for any help.

Write to support at - they can help you.

Next time, don’t link an account over an existing account you still use. Since the warning message says “the other hero will be deleted”, they probably mean it. If you want to play 2 GoW accounts on one PC, use different Steam accounts.


Thx for your answer. But i didnt link another account over this. I want to link this account to my android device. I only need one Gems of war account. But my prob is that this acc is deactivated and i cant link it. I wrote a ticket to the support. Maybe do you know how long i have to wait for a response ?

Most common cause for account deactivation is what I said. If it’s not your case, I don’t know what caused it, surely support will figure it out.

They’re in Australia, it’s the middle of the night there. Hopefully they will reply in a few hours, if they are not too overloaded.

ok much thx for your response. I will wait and then i will see what they will do or what will happend. Thanks

Hi Synation,

We will look into this inquiry for you.