Account recovery question is it reversible?

I Play GoW mostly through steam but also have my account linked through google on my android mobile. I have my email password and invite codes all written down and saved. I was going to attempt letting my gf log onto my steam with her account using account recovery and get some things done and then later use my account info to do account recovery to switch it back to my account.
When I attempted to do so I got a warning saying my hero’s data will be permanently deleted if I continue. I was wondering if this is safe to do or if my hero’s data will be unrecoverable. Like will it overwrite my account fully with hers and delete it from existence even overwriting my account linked to google ?
I read the portion the the GoW zendesk site about account recovery but it does not clarify it much and am still hesitant.


Personally, I wouldn’t risk it. My understanding is that once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Is it the same thing if you accidentally disband a guild?

It’s not gone forever – the (‘permanent’ part of the) warning is directed towards those who haven’t registered their account. However, it’s likely (from personal experience) doing what you’ve described will tag your account as ‘_DEACTIVATED’, meaning you’ll have to contact support to reactivate it, which isn’t ideal for either party.


There are two easier options to avoid this.

  1. Have your gf log in to or create her own Steam account. Each Steam account has its own login data for GoW, so you can load a different profile on each one.
    When she opens it up, assuming she doesn’t already have a Steam account with her GoW login saved on it, she’ll see this screen and can link her account:

account linking 660x372

  1. If making a new Steam account doesn’t seem attractive, you can follow the directions here:

Doing so will treat you to the “Click anywhere to begin” / “Already a Gems of War player?” screen from above, from which she can safely link her account with causing yours to be deactivated – and then of course you’ll have to do the same thing when linking back to your own account.


Ok so if she logs into her steam instead and then we load gems of war it will load a different instance of GoW than mine and then i can link that to her account for when she plays? That’d be np i just know a lot of games like shadowverse even if you use a different steam account the game doesnt allow a different account to be linked. Thanks very much for all the helpful information. She hasnt played her GoW on her steam yet unlike me she only plays on her phone usually she never uses her pc to play it through steam.

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That’s exactly it :relaxed:. Totally get the hesitation, both about your account and experience with other games. No worries/all the best.