Surely not the only one

I’m seeking advice. I have 2 GoW accounts, my main and an alt. So, 2 devices, one for each. But I’d really love to combine them on one, ever if I literally have to have 2 different copies of the game. Has anyone solved this problem?

Depends on platform?

I’m guessing, but it looks like login credentials on Windows are stored in

—> blablaLocalUsersblabla

You could export the LocalUsers values for your main account, log in your alt, export your alt’s LocalUsers entries and write a small batch to launch Gems for whatever account you want to play.

Some flavours of Android let you run multiple copies of the same app.

You can run Android apps on Windows, some of our players run Steam and Android Gems in parallel on their Windows installation. Noxplayer, BlueStacks, whatever else is out there. Windows 11 can run some Android stuff natively too.

If you’re on Android and don’t mind watching an ad before opening a game (or 6 in a row for 72h ad free), 2accounts works well.

But I’m pretty sure you will still have the app twice in that case, once cloned inside of 2accounts. Would at least be on one device, though.